RO definition

RO means Responding Organization/ Bidder Firm.
RO means any recognised organisation specified in MSN 020 which is authorised by the Department to undertake the specified function;
RO and “HO” means “Regional Office” and “Head Office” of AIC.

Examples of RO in a sentence

  • The Security Deposit amount shall be deposited in favour of the Regional Manager, CWC, RO, Patna in the form of Demand Draft/NEFT/RTGS issued by scheduled banks only.

  • Meyer TN, Schwesinger C, Bush KT, Stuart RO, Rose DW, Shah MM, Vaughn DA, Steer DL, Nigam SK.

  • Commissioner Heinz made a motion, seconded by Commissioner Van De Kreeke, to approve the R.O. Motion carried unanimously.

  • New content as per Ch. I of the Ordinance of Nov 26, 2008, in force since Jan 1, 2009 (RO 2008 6141).

  • New content as per Ch. I of the Ordinance of March 7, 2008, in force since April 1, 2008 (RO 2008 1187).

More Definitions of RO

RO means the appointed returning officer described in Section 9(f) of these Rules.
RO means any of the recognised organisations specified in MSN 020;
RO means Regional Office.
RO means Returning Officer; and