RO definition

RO means Responding Organization/ Bidder Firm.
RO means the appointed returning officer described in Section 9(f) of these Rules.
RO means any recognised organisation specified in MSN 020 which is authorised by the Department to undertake the specified function;

Examples of RO in a sentence

  • NEXT COMPETITIVE AUCTION The highest offer received considered appropriate by the bankruptcy procedure will be placed as a starting point for the competitive auction to be held in synchronous mixed mode at the office of the judicial liquidator in Rovigo (RO) Via Xxxxxxxxx 2, also in the presence of the judicial commissioner, able to identify the successful tenderer.

  • Xxxxxxxxxx Xxxxxxxxx, with office in Xxx Xxxxxxxxx 0 - 45100 - Rovigo (RO).

  • The Company Aste Business Srl, from now on also ASTE BUSINESS, with registered office in Castelguglielmo (RO) Xxx X.

More Definitions of RO

RO means any of the recognised organisations specified in MSN 020;
RO and “HO” means “Regional Office” and “Head Office” of AIC.
RO means Regional Office.
RO means the Returning Officer;
RO means Returning Officer; and
RO means Haryana, Regional Office.
RO means an individual order for Services issued by Princeton University pursuant to the terms, conditions, and pricing established in a BOA. Each individual Release Order is a binding contractual instrument and will reference and incorporate the terms and conditions of this BOA and specify the scope of work, delivery schedule, fixed or not-to-exceed price, and funding encumbrance for the individual Release Order.