ER definition

ER means the time weighted average of the Energy Rate for such AMR Sites for each half hourly period during the Relevant Period (in £/MWh), divided by 1000.
ER means E.R. Schiffahrt GMBH & Cie. KG, a German limited partnership.
ER. (also known as “Electronic Rental”) means delivery of audiovisual works via Digital Distribution under a business model whereby a consumer makes a specific, one-time payment for the right to access and view a particular audiovisual work an unlimited number of times within a limited time period (subject to customary rules with respect to the number and type of devices from which such work may be accessed and viewed).

More Definitions of ER

ER means the volume weighted average of the Energy Rate for all of your Sites for the Remainder Period (in £/MWh), divided by 1000;
ER means the Employer’s Representative as stated in Appendix I and/or its successors in office and is the person appointed by the Employer to act as its representative for the purposes of the Contract; being designated as such in the Articles of Agreement and in the Appendix I;
ER means Excess Reduction, an option which is described in clause 11.5;
ER means the escalation rate as specified in Regulation 24; „n‟ is the year for which R&M expenses is to be determined