MO definition

MO means Missouri
MO means molybdenum;
MO means molybdenum; “Mt” means millions of tonnes;

Examples of MO in a sentence

  • MAILING ADDRESS: 0000 Xxxx Xxxxxxx, Kansas City, MO 64114 PHONE NUMBER: (000) 000-0000 WEBSITE: INTRODUCTION.

  • Facility Operator provides this information to comply with its M&O Contract and to notify the Sponsor that licenses to Background Intellectual Property may be necessary to practice Subject Inventions made under this Agreement.

  • We have also worked on higher education finance operational reviews in Alaska and California, studied the need for a new higher ed institution in Pennsylvania, a regional IT institute in New Mexico, and a social justice institute at Kansas City’s (MO) community college system – among other higher ed projects.

  • With respect to any Subject Invention reported in accordance with paragraph 7(b) of this Exhibit, the Facility Operator may elect to obtain title to each Subject Invention made by the Facility Operator's employees subject to the terms of its M&O Contract with the DOE.

  • Allowability or unallowability of costs shall be determined in accordance with the Allowable Costs provision of the Department of Energy Acquisition Regulation (DEAR) incorporated in the Facility Operator’s M&O Contract with the DOE as of the effective date of this Agreement and shall be determinative of the costs allowed under this Agreement.

More Definitions of MO

MO means month.
MO means Mobile Originating is a message that is sent by consumer.
MO. XxXxx & Xxxx, P.C., and its successors-in-interest.
MO means the short message sent from the cell phone of the subscriber to the short message Gateway of Party B. The expense arising from MO shall be the MO Communication Fee, which shall be collected by Party A from the subscriber.
MO means the Monitoring Officer of Coventry City Council.
MO means Missouri "NV" means Nevada "OH" means Ohio "OK" means Oklahoma "TX" means Texas "WI" means Wisconsin
MO means the chemical symbol for the element molybdenum.