s.u. definition

s.u. means standard units.
s.u. means standard pH unit. "kg/day" means kilograms per day.
s.u. means Standard Units.

Examples of s.u. in a sentence

  • We have studied the relation between two generalizations of Word Unification: Se- quence Unification (SU) and Context Unification (CU).

  • This result gives a decidability proof for an extension of SU, and, in particular, a new proof of decidability of SU.

  • The trans- formation preserves solvability in one direction: from SU to CU.

  • The other way is to extend the solving procedure for SU (Kutsia, 2007) with the rules for head-position individual variables and obtain a procedure for ESU.

  • Below we will follow this idea and formulate transformation rules for ESU.To make the paper self-contained, we put here the relevant (slightly modified) SU transformation rules from (Kutsia, 2007), which, for uniformity reasons, are formulated similarly to the rules from Definition 19, and add two new rules for head-position indi- vidual variables.

More Definitions of s.u.

s.u. means Standard Units (a measure of pH).
s.u. has the meaning set forth in the Preamble.
s.u. for Staff UPM;
s.u. means “separate unit” within the meaning of Treasury Regulations Sections 1.1503-2(c)(3) and 1.1503-2(c)(4).