Rewards Points Sample Clauses

Rewards Points. Travel Purchase Redemptions When you redeem TD Rewards Points towards a Travel Purchase charged to your Account:
Rewards Points. 2.2 The Outlet shall conduct and carry on its business to the highest possible standards and shall maintain and operate all aspects of the Outlet’s business conducted on and around the Outlet’s premises in an efficient business-like manner and comply with all statutory and legal requirements and regulations of local body or other authorities which may apply to the business including all and any consumer protection and Health and Safety legislation.
Rewards Points. Travel Purchase Redemptions When you redeem TD Rewards Points towards a Travel Purchase charged to your Account: 1) The dollar value of the redeemed TD Rewards Points is applied as a credit to the original amount of the Travel Purchase charged to your Account, leaving you with a net Travel Purchase amount, if any, that is charged to your Account (the “Net Amount”); and 2) You will earn TD Rewards Points only on the Net Amount. For more details, refer below to
Rewards Points. TD Rewards Points are earned for Purchases charged to the Account as follows:
Rewards Points. The Parties hereby acknowledge that on an annual basis (commencing on January 1, 2000), an amount equal to *** dollars ($***) of the amounts due pursuant to Section 4.1.1 above, shall be allocated by AOL hereunder as payment for the purchase of Reward Points by MP as provided pursuant to Section 1.5 hereof. During any given year, MP shall have the right to purchase Reward Points in excess of *** Dollars ($***) by paying cash therefor either upon request for such additional Reward Points or in accordance with AOL's billing procedures therefor (an "Excess Purchase"). In the event MP makes one or more Excess Purchases in any given calendar year, the payment (or if applicable, payments) due from MP immediately following such Excess Purchase shall be reduced by an amount equal to the amount paid by MP for such Excess Purchase.
Rewards Points. You may review the Terms and Conditions of the uChoose® Rewards Points in a separate agreement document online at CREDIT REVIEW AND RELEASE OF INFORMATION You authorize Orange Bank & Trust Company to investigate and evaluate Your Business and Personal credit standing when opening or reviewing Your Account and agree to immediately notify Us should there be any adverse change in Your credit or financial condition. You further agree that the information You provide to Us on Your application may be re-investigated or re-evaluated at any time. We may request updated credit bureau reports and may or may not ask You to provide annual financial statements, tax returns, or other credit- related information. You authorize Orange Bank & Trust Company to disclose information regarding Your Account to credit bureaus and creditors who inquire about Your standing.
Rewards Points. This is a fully integrated agreement.

Related to Rewards Points

  • Rewards PROGRAMS You may have selected a Rewards Program for your account or, if you selected a Popular / AAdvantage® card, then the terms of the AAdvantage® Program apply. REWARDS PROGRAM WHAT IT MEANS HOW IT AFFECTS YOU Return A rewards program that earns cash back per every purchase made with the Card. The reward program accumulates in cash 1% of all net Purchases made with your credit Card. Net Purchases are Purchases minus any credits or returns. In your billing statement, you will receive an estimate of the Reward accumulated. The redemption of money will be automatic and will occur once a year, in January. You will not be able to redeem your Reward before this date. The Bank will send you a check for the balance of your Reward to the address where you receive your billing statements. You will not accumulate Rewards for Balance Transfers, Convenience Checks, Cash Advances, payments thru TelePago® Popular or Internet Banking, the Purchase of casino chips or other methods of gambling, or any other transaction the Bank determines at its sole discretion constitutes or is equivalent to a Cash Advance. If you return merchandise, the Reward for that merchandise will be deducted. The percent of the deduction will be calculated based on the earning structure at the moment the merchandise was returned. If the amount of your Reward is less than ten (10) dollars at the automatic redemption period, you will not receive a check but it will accumulate to your account for the next redemption period. If your account has a derogative condition, the Bank will be able to retain your Reward until the condition ends or cancel the Reward completely, at the Bank's sole discretion. When calculating the Reward, the Bank will use the total dollar amount of each transaction eliminating the cents. The Bank's determination of the Reward is final. To receive the Reward, your account must be kept open until the date of the Reward payment. The cash back rewards program is subject to changes or cancellation at any moment at the Bank's sole discretion. American Airlines AAdvantage® Program A rewards program that earns miles. You authorize us to report to American Airlines, AAdvantage® miles earned with us. You also authorize us to share with American Airlines your email address and experiential and transactional information regarding your activity with us. You will earn AAdvantage® miles for Purchases as long as your Account is current, in good standing and open the day the Transaction is registered in your Account. The miles are earned multiplying the Transaction amount by the earn rate per dollar specific to your Card product. The total amount of miles per Transaction, without decimals, will be considered for the total amount of miles to be reported to AAdvantage® every account cycle. The Bank will report the miles earned with your AAdvantage® credit Card as long as your Account is current and in good standing the day of your cycle. The miles earned with your credit Card that are not reported to AAdvantage® because your Account has a derogative condition at cycle date, will be reported to AAdvantage® in the future if your Account becomes current. American Airlines reserves the right to change AAdvantage® program rules, regulations, travel awards and special offers at any time without notice and to end the AAdvantage® program with six (6) months prior notice. Any such changes may affect your ability to use the mileage awards or credits that you have accumulated. Members may not be able to obtain all offered awards at all times or use awards for all destinations or on all flights. AAdvantage® travel awards, mileage accrual and special offers are subject to government regulations. American Airlines is not responsible for products or services offered by other participating companies. For complete details about the AAdvantage® program, visit American Airlines, AAdvantage and the Flight Symbol are trademarks of American Airlines, Inc. PREMIA® A rewards program that earns points. Membership: Program Membership has a $25 annual fee subject to some exclusions as specified in the terms and conditions of the Program. The annual $25 fee is applied at the moment of subscription and subsequently once a year from the subscription date to any of the Program participating accounts. The Membership will be cancelled if any of the Program participating accounts has insufficient funds to cover the fee. Fee is non- refundable. You will earn points only for the activities and transactions described on the Program’s website as well as additional promotions sent out periodically by Popular. Points will be credited and debited depending on the type of transaction carried out. Popular will determine from time to time the maximum amount of Points that may be accumulated for different transactions. This information is available on the Program's webpage. Popular reserves the right to review the balance of Membership accumulated Points and to subtract any credited Points that infringe this Agreement. Each account can be registered only to one (1) Program Membership. Under no circumstance, one same account or transaction is allowed to accumulate Points simultaneously for more than one (1) Membership. Limitations: Cash Advance Transactions done with credit Cards, foreign or local currency purchases, casino chips or any other cash equivalent instrument purchase and loan payments, including but not limited to mortgage and auto loan payments will not accumulate Points. The Regular Level Points will expire in December every four (4) years from the date of subscription. The PREMIA® Platinum level Points will not expire as long as they remain at this level. If the Customer is no longer at that level, the Regular level expiration terms will apply as well as the Regular Level Membership fee. Any derogatory condition or account mismanagement, including but not limited to blocked, outstanding and overdraft accounts will result in automatic Membership suspension and elimination of accumulated Points without previous notice. Once the derogatory condition is removed, the amount of Points accrued at the moment of Membership suspension may be restored at Popular’s sole discretion. To view Your Point balance, please visit Individual consumer transactions are the only transactions entitled to Point accrual. Redemption: The Customer that figures as the primary account holder can redeem his/her accrued Points for rewards at any time, as long as he/she has the required Points for the desired reward. Program Membership must be active and the Customer may not have an account showing derogatory condition to be able to redeem the Points. The redeemed Points will immediately be deducted from the Points balance. For more information on the program visit or call PREMIA® Customer Service Center at 1.800.3PREMIA ( MOBILE WALLET SERVICE WHAT IT MEANS WHAT YOU AGREE TO A way to make You may choose to add your Card number to a Mobile Wallet Service. If you do so, you acknowledge that we are Purchases or not a provider of the Wallet, we do not control the device and we are not responsible for any failure or inability to payments using perform a transaction using the Wallet. We are only responsible for supplying information securely to the Wallet a mobile device provider to allow usage of your Card in the Wallet. We reserve the right to define product eligibility. You agree that any such use of your Account will be subject to all the terms and conditions contained in this Agreement. Your applicable Purchase APR will apply to Purchases made using the Mobile Wallet Service. You acknowledge that certain message and data rates may apply from your wireless service providers and/or wireless carriers which might impact your use of the Wallet. For example, your mobile service carrier or provider may impose data usage or text charges for your use of or interaction with the Wallet, including downloading the software, receiving or sending text messages, or other use of your mobile device when using the software or other products and services provided by the Wallet. You expressly agree that you are responsible for all such fees, limitations, and restrictions and that we may contact you via your mobile device for any purpose concerning your Account with us, including Account servicing and collection purposes. We do not control the privacy and security of your information that may be held by the Wallet provider and that is governed by the privacy policy given to you by the Wallet provider. You agree not to leave your Mobile Device unattended while logged into the Wallet and to log off immediately at the completion of each access by you. You agree not to provide your password or other access information to any other person. If you believe that someone may have unauthorized access to your Mobile Device, you agree to immediately cancel your access to the Wallet associated with the Mobile Device. You agree to provide us with immediate notice in the event you suspect fraud or any unauthorized access to any of your Accounts. You agree to take every precaution to ensure the safety, security and integrity of your Account and transactions when using the Wallet. Except as otherwise required by law, we may at our sole discretion change these terms, and modify or cancel the eligibility to use your Card with a Wallet service at any time, without notice. You cannot change these terms but you can terminate them by removing your Card from the Wallet. We reserve the right to refuse any transaction for any reason. You expressly understand and agree that your use of a Mobile Wallet Service is at your sole risk. Any material downloaded or otherwise obtained through the use of the Wallet is obtained at your own discretion and risk, and we are not responsible for any damage to your Mobile Device or loss of data that results from the download of any such material, whether due to any computer virus or otherwise. We make no representation or warranty as to the completeness, accuracy, reliability, or currency of any information or data that you obtain through the use of a wallet. WHAT ARE OUR RIGHTS If YOU DEFAULT OR WE HAVE A DISPUTE? Your Default An Account will be in default if: 1) you fail to make at least the Minimum Payment when due; 2) you violate any other provision of this Agreement; 3) we believe you may be unwilling or unable to pay your debts on time; 4) you file for bankruptcy; or 5) you become incapacitated or die. If your Account is in default, we may close your Account or terminate or suspend your credit privileges without notice and require full payment of your outstanding balance immediately. We can also begin collection activities. To the extent permitted by law, if you are in default because you have failed to pay us, we will require you to pay our collection costs, attorneys’ fees, court costs and all other expenses of enforcing our rights under this Agreement. Arbitration of Disputes This Agreement contains an Arbitration Provision immediately below. Within 90 days after the date we open your Account, you may elect to reject the Arbitration Provision by providing a written notice of your intention to do so to the address: Legal Division (745), Banco Popular de Puerto Rico, P.O. Box 362708, San Xxxx, Puerto Rico 00936-2708. Unless you submit your rejection or to the extent permitted by applicable law, the Arbitration Provision will have a substantial impact on how any legal claims we have against each other are resolved if either you or we elect arbitration. For example, disputes subject to arbitration are decided by a neutral arbitrator and not a judge or jury. This Arbitration Provision will not apply to, or be enforceable against, covered borrowers under the protection of the Military Lending Act. This Arbitration Provision shall not preclude you from pursuing or participating in a class action in court. IMPORTANT WAIVERS: IF YOU OR WE ELECT TO ARBITRATE A CLAIM, YOU AND WE BOTH WAIVE THE RIGHT TO: (1) HAVE A COURT OR A JURY DECIDE THE CLAIM; OR (2) OBTAIN INFORMATION EXCEPT AS PROVIDED HEREIN. OTHER RIGHTS ARE MORE LIMITED IN ARBITRATION THAN IN COURT OR ARE NOT AVAILABLE IN ARBITRATION. DEFINITIONS – In this Arbitration Provision, the following definitions will apply:

  • Metrics The DISTRICT and PARTNER will partake in monthly coordination meetings at mutually agreed upon times and dates to discuss the progress of the program Scope of Work. DISTRICT and PARTNER will also mutually establish criteria and process for ongoing program assessment/evaluation such as, but not limited to the DISTRICT’s assessment metrics and other state metrics [(Measures of Academic Progress – English, SBAC – 11th grade, Redesignation Rates, mutually developed rubric score/s, student attendance, and Social Emotional Learning (SEL) data)]. The DISTRICT and PARTNER will also engage in annual review of program content to ensure standards alignment that comply with DISTRICT approved coursework. The PARTNER will provide their impact data based upon these metrics.

  • Points A teacher with an evaluation rating of effective or highly effective will receive .67 points.  Any teacher having an evaluation result of “Improvement Necessary” or “Ineffective” will receive no raise.  Any teacher employed on less than a full time basis (1 FTE) shall receive compensation for the two factors of the compensation model on a pro-rated basis, in proportion to the percentage of one full time equivalent (1 FTE) for which the teacher is employed.  The base salaries of teachers is set forth in Appendix A.  The salary increase awarded to teachers using the performance factors set forth above will be added to their base salaries unless the teacher has reached the maximum base salary of $79,383. Those teachers who have reached this maximum base salary limit will receive the salary increase of $700.00 as a stipend. The amount of General Fund dollars available for teacher salary increase under the compensation model for 2017-2018 contract is $375,000.00. Compensation Model Example Step 1: Factors Used to Determine Salary Increase Factors Maximum Points Requirement

  • Contract Goals A. For purposes of this procurement, OGS conducted a comprehensive search and determined that the Contract does not offer sufficient opportunities to set goals for participation by MWBEs as subcontractors, service providers, or suppliers to Contractor. Contractor is, however, encouraged to make every good faith effort to promote and assist the participation of MWBEs on this Contract for the provision of services and materials. The directory of New York State Certified MWBEs can be viewed at: xxxxx:// Additionally, following Contract execution, Contractor is encouraged to contact the Division of Minority and Women’s Business Development ((000) 000-0000; (000) 000-0000; or (000) 000-0000) to discuss additional methods of maximizing participation by MWBEs on the Contract.

  • Levels Service will be made available to Customer via one or more of the following levels:

  • Number Resources, Rate Center Areas and Routing Points 13.1 Nothing in this Agreement shall be construed to limit or otherwise adversely affect in any manner either Party’s right to employ or to request and be assigned any Central Office Codes (“NXX”) pursuant to the Central Office Code Assignment Guidelines and any relevant FCC or Commission orders, as may be amended from time to time, or to establish, by Tariff or otherwise, Rate Center Areas and Routing Points corresponding to such NXX codes.

  • Performance Factors (a) Each party will notify the other party of the existence of a Performance Factor, as soon as reasonably possible after the party becomes aware of the Performance Factor. The Notice will:

  • Performance Measure The specific representation of a process or outcome that is relevant to the assessment of performance; it is quantifiable and can be documented

  • Performance Expectations The performance reporting, monitoring, evaluation and management of XXXXX in relation to the terms of this Agreement is prescribed in the Performance Policy Framework and Performance Management Policy (PMP). See: xxxxx://

  • Annual Performance Evaluation On either a fiscal year or calendar year basis, (consistently applied from year to year), the Bank shall conduct an annual evaluation of Executive’s performance. The annual performance evaluation proceedings shall be included in the minutes of the Board meeting that next follows such annual performance review.