Deviation definition

Deviation is a departure from the requirements specified in the tendering document;
Deviation means any situation in which an emissions unit fails to meet a permit term or condition. A deviation is not always a violation. A deviation can be determined by observation or through review of data obtained from any testing, monitoring, or recordkeeping established in accordance with §71.6(a)(3)(i) and (a)(3)(ii). For a situation lasting more than 24 hours which constitutes a deviation, each 24 hour period is considered a separate deviation. Included in the meaning of deviation are any of the following:
Deviation in a time-block for a seller means its total actual injection minus its total scheduled generation and for a buyer means its total actual drawal minus its total scheduled drawal;

Examples of Deviation in a sentence

  • Deviation from these times will only be allowed in exceptional circumstances where prior written approval has been received from the planning authority.

  • Orders for tasks which extend beyond the fiscal year for which funds are available shall include FAR 52.232-19 (Deviation – May 2003) Availability of Funds for the Next Fiscal Year.

  • The Quarterly Deviation and Compliance Monitoring Report shall include a certification that meets the requirements of 326 IAC 2-7-6(1) by a "responsible official" as defined by 326 IAC 2-7-1(35).

  • Deviation from this policy is acceptable only if an information security threat and risk assessment has been completed with a documented business impact analysis and the FileLocal have signed a risk acceptance form.

  • The Permittee shall submit the attached Quarterly Deviation and Compliance Monitoring Report or its equivalent.

More Definitions of Deviation

Deviation is a departure from the requirements specified in the bidding document;
Deviation means a departure from an indicator range or work practice for monitoring, consistent with any averaging period specified for averaging the results of the monitoring.
Deviation is a departure from the requirements specified in the Tendering document;
Deviation means any construction made in departure from the approved plan by way of alterations or additions, modifications in the total floor area, coverage, floor area ratio (FAR), setbacks, height, parking space, provision of public utilities etc.;
Deviation is departure from the requirement specified in the tender documents.
Deviation order means an order given in writing by the Engineer to effect an alteration in addition to or deduction from the scope or nature of the contract.
Deviation means the furnishing by a utility of any service at rates or under conditions other than the rates and conditions contained in its tariffs then in effect.