Significant definition

Significant means in reference to a net emissions increase or the potential of a source to emit any of the following pollutants, a rate of emissions that would equal or exceed any of the following rates:
Significant means, for purposes of this rule and in reference to a net emissions increase or the potential of a source to emit a regulated NSR pollutant not listed in paragraph “1,” any emissions rate.
Significant or “Significance” shall mean, with respect to a particular Act, that open toleration of such Act would be inconsistent with the Community of Trust.

Examples of Significant in a sentence

  • Substantial and Significant Changes 11 Schools strengthen partnerships with active community organizations and partners, including local public health, mental health, colleges, workforce development boards, employers, labor partners, faith communities, Tribal nations, and other education partners in order to collaboratively support students' growth and well-being.

  • Significant loss damages are damages that, for example, result from vandalism, theft, and/or destruction and are (i) greater than routine damages; and (ii) because of the estimated cost to repair/replace such damage, result in a total loss of the Goods (i.e., the cost to repair/replace the Goods is equal to or exceeds the replacement cost).

  • Significant funding for this Contract is provided by Town of Easton Community Preservation Act grant monies and Massachusetts Historical Commission Massachusetts Preservation Projects Fund monies.

  • Significant task effects were found in the human subjects, but not in the rats.

  • Significant changes will be brought to the Board of Governors and the State Board of Community Colleges for review at the discretion of the respective Presidents of The UNC System and the NCCCS.

More Definitions of Significant

Significant means, in reference to a modification's increase in actual emissions or a source's allowable emissions of any of the following air contaminants, a rate of emissions that would equal or exceed any of the following rates:
Significant as used in SEPA, means a reasonable likelihood of more than a moderate adverse impact on environmental quality.
Significant means significant for the purpose of making an informed assessment of the matters mentioned in Rule 11.07 of the Listing Rules; and
Significant means the following:
Significant. : (significance) means likely to influence the decisions that users of the Council’s financial statements make having regard to both the extent (value and frequency) of the transactions, and that the transactions have occurred between the Council and related party outside a public service provider/ taxpayer relationship.
Significant means the combined investment of new buildings and new machinery and equipment in the buildings, at the commencement of commercial production, will be at least one billion dollars.
Significant means having an important consequence, either alone or in combination with other factors, based upon the magnitude and likelihood of the impact on the affected human population or natural resources, or on the importance of the natural resource affected, considering the context of the action or impact, its intensity and the degree to which possible impacts are caused by the proposed action. Nothing in this definition is intended to require a statistical analysis of the magnitude or likelihood of a particular impact.¶