Restructure Date definition

Restructure Date shall have the meaning ascribed thereto in the Restructure Agreement.
Restructure Date means December 31, 2001.
Restructure Date means July 8, 2008.

Examples of Restructure Date in a sentence

  • On the Capital Restructure Date, the Protection Structure will not be activated and only A1 Ordinary Shares will be outstanding.Executive Directors.

  • Monday, 16 SeptemberA Share Distribution implemented and the Capital Restructure Date ......................................................................................................

  • The number of N Ordinary Shares that Naspers will hold on the Capital Restructure Date will depend on the elections (an Election or Elect) made by holders (Naspers N Shareholders) of N ordinary shares in the capital of Naspers with a par value of ZAR0.02 each (the Naspers N Ordinary Shares) to be issued Naspers N Ordinary Shares in the Naspers N Share Capitalisation Issue (as defined below).

  • See "Shareholder Structure and Related Party Transactions—Shareholder Structure—Major and Controlling Shareholders" for the persons that are expected to have an interest in the Company's share capital or voting rights that is notifiable under the Dutch Financial Supervision Act (Wet op het financieel toezicht) (the Dutch FMSA) on the date on which the final step of the Capital Restructure is implemented, which is expected to be Monday, 16 August 2021 (Capital Restructure Date).

  • It is expected that on the Capital Restructure Date, the A Ordinary Shares will be held by 50 shareholders (including Nasbel, Keerom and Wheatfields).

More Definitions of Restructure Date

Restructure Date means the date of completion of the solvent restructuring or reorganisation of the insurance business of the Group (including the business of FWD Thailand and the New Target) in Thailand, in accordance with the New Facility Agreement.
Restructure Date means 06 August 2005.
Restructure Date means May 7, 2001.
Restructure Date is defined as the date on which Buyer raises the sum of One Million Five Hundred Thousand Dollars (the "Threshold Amount")(subject to adjustment as described in the next sentence) from any combination of debt or equity financing, from the acquisition of a line of credit, from the sale of assets or from any other transaction outside of the ordinary course of business. The Threshold Amount shall be reduced by $0.50 for each $1 of long term debt that is converted to equity and for each $1 of trade debt that is eliminated other than through the payment of money. 13 . Management Agreement After the Closing, Seller and the Companies, shall use their best efforts to obtain consents to assignment (to the extent required by the applicable lease) from all landlords with respect to leases relating to the sites at which the business of the Companies operates, and Buyer and DCDC shall use their best efforts to obtain consents to assignment (to the extent required by the applicable lease) from all landlords with respect to the leases relating to the sites at which DCDC's Restaurant Business operates. (The sites which are subject to leases requiring consent are hereafter referred to as the "Applicable Sites".) Until such time as the landlord's consents with respect to an Applicable Site is obtained, the business operations at the Applicable Site shall be managed by Buyer pursuant to the terms of the Management Agreement annexed hereto as Exhibit E. To the extent that any lease provides that the transfer of the stock of the tenant as contemplated herein will constitute an assignment of the lease subject to the landlord's consent, and the parties hereto reasonably determine that such consent cannot be obtained, then instead of transferring such stock as contemplated herein, such stock will be held by the owner thereof either in trust for, as nominee for or otherwise for the benefit of Buyer, with Buyer being exclusively entitled to all the income and other benefits relating to such stock, including, without limitation, the right to direct any votes to be taken with respect to such stock.
Restructure Date means, in relation to any Specified Group Securities, the date of transfer of those Specified Group Securities consented to by the Facility Agent under clause 3.5 on the conditions set out in clause 2;
Restructure Date means the Banking Day on which all of the conditions to the effectiveness of the First Amendment are satisfied (or waived in writing by the Administrative Agent acting with the consent of all of the Lenders).
Restructure Date has the meaning given to that term in Section 3(a).