Solicitation Document definition

Solicitation Document means the Request for Quotes, Invitation to Bid, Request for Proposals, or any other written document issued by OSU that outlines the required specifications necessary to submit a responsive quote, bid, proposal, or any other response;
Solicitation Document means a document, or collection of documents, either paper or electronic, that contains all information required to conduct a competitive procurement project according to § 287.057, Florida Statutes.

Examples of Solicitation Document in a sentence

  • It also includes electronic transmissions or facsim- ile documents when required by applicable law or permitted by a Solicitation Document or Contract.[Adopted 2005-052 eff 3/1/05; amd 2020-060 eff 03/17/20; amd 2020-163 eff 06/23/20]Stats.

  • The County may satisfy the notice require- ments set forth in LCPR 137-046-0440(1) and (2) by: 1) including the information required by ORS 279A.215(2)(b) in the Solicitation Document related to the Permissive Cooperative Procure- ment, and 2) including instructions in the Solicita- tion Document to potential Offerors describing how they may submit comments in response to the County’s intent to establish a Contract through the Permissive Cooperative Procurement.

  • The recycled product’s costs do not exceed the costs of non-recycled products by more than five percent, or a higher percentage if a Written determination is made by the County and set forth in the Solicitation Document.

  • Under ORS 279A.128, the County may provide, in a Solicitation Document for Goods, Services, or Personal Services, a specified percentage prefer- ence of not more than ten percent for Goods fabricated or processed entirely in Oregon, or Services or Personal Services performed entirely in Oregon.

More Definitions of Solicitation Document

Solicitation Document means an Invitation to Bid, Request for Proposals, Request for Quotations, or other similar document issued to invite Offers from prospective Contractors pursuant to ORS Chapter 279B or 279C. The following are not Solicitation Documents if they do not invite Offers from prospective Contractors: a Request for Qualifications, a prequalification of bidders, or a request for product prequalification.
Solicitation Document means a document issued by, or on behalf of a procuring entity, including any amendments thereto, that sets out the terms and conditions of the procurement;