Rental definition

Rental means the Supplier’s charging rate for the hire of the Hire Goods which is current from time to time during the Hire Period;
Rental means making a copy of the work available for use, on terms that it will or may be returned, for direct or indirect economic or commercial advantage, and

Examples of Rental in a sentence

  • Rental income arising is accounted on a straight-line basis over the period of the lease and is included in revenue in the income statement due to its operating nature.

  • Rental income earned by the Group from investment property amounted to €11.53 million (2021: €10.62 million) while direct expenses amounted to €2.55 million (2021: €2.89 million).

  • Rental income from investment property is recognised in the income statement on a straight - line basis over the term of the lease.

  • The Rules and Regulations Committee proposed the following amendments to the Rules and Regulations Rental Policy: Change Section 1.8 to read: “Unit Owners who rent their Unit(s) must comply with Chapter 29A of the Duluth City Code (Housing, Property Maintenance and Rental Code).

  • MOTION to amend the Rental Policy as set out above effective April 1, 2018 (K.

More Definitions of Rental

Rental as used herein includes fixed monthly rentals, additional rentals, percentage rentals, escalation rentals (which include each Tenant’s proration share of building operation and maintenance costs and expenses as provided for under the Lease, to the extent the same exceeds any expense stop specified in such Lease), retroactive rentals, all administrative charges, utility charges, tenant or real property association dues, storage rentals, special event proceeds, temporary rents, telephone receipts, locker rentals, vending machine receipts and other sums and charges payable by Tenants under the Leases or from other occupants or users of the Property. Rental is “Delinquent” when it was due prior to the Closing Date, and payment thereof has not been made on or before the Proration Time. Delinquent Rental will not be prorated. Purchaser agrees to use good faith collection procedures with respect to the collection of any Delinquent Rental. All sums collected by Purchaser in the month of Closing shall be applied to the month of Closing. All sums collected by Purchaser thereafter from each Tenant (excluding tenant specific xxxxxxxx for tenant work orders and other specific services as described in and governed by Section 10.4(e) below) will be applied first to current amounts owed by such Tenant to Purchaser, and then delinquencies owed by such Tenant to Seller. Any sums due Seller will be promptly remitted to Seller. Purchaser shall not modify, amend or terminate any existing agreements with Tenants relating to past rent due.
Rental means the transfer of the possession or use of a motor vehicle, whether or not the
Rental means and be deemed to include Fixed Rent, Escalation Rent, all additional rent and any other sums payable by Tenant hereunder.
Rental means the transfer of the possession of the original or a copy of a work or phonogram for a limited period of time for profit-making purposes;
Rental means rental, lease, charter or hire by the Insured to any person, company or organization for Private Pleasure and Business uses only, where the operation of the Glider is not under the control of the Insured. Rental for any other purposes is NOT insured under this Certificate unless specifically declared to the Insurers.
Rental means the same as that term is defined in Subsection (59). (104)
Rental means the transfer of, the possession of the original or a copy of a work or sound recording for a limited period of time in return for a monetary consideration;