Rental definition

Rental means the Supplier’s charging rate for the hire of the Hire Goods which is current from time to time during the Hire Period;
Rental means and be deemed to include Fixed Rent, Escalation Rent, all additional rent and any other sums payable by Tenant hereunder.
Rental means the transfer of the possession of the original or a copy of a work or sound recording for a limited period of time for profit-making purposes;

Examples of Rental in a sentence

  • With the exception of a Capital Lease arrangement, or unless exercising the purchase option on a FMV Lease, a Purchasing Entity shall return the Equipment at the end of the Initial Lease or Rental Term, or at the end of the Renewal Lease or Rental Term, or Xerox may pick the Equipment up, without any further financial obligations tothe Purchasing Entity.

  • In the event the LESSOR enters into a naming rights agreement for all or any part of the 249 PREMISES, use of said name(s) shall replace all previous facility name references in all 250 promotional and advertising materials used by LESSEE, and/or the LESSEE’S agents, vendors, or 251 subcontractors, for the remainder of the Rental Agreement.

  • The rental fee for the PREMISES for individual 33 facilities are determined via the official Sunnyview Exposition Center Rental Fees Schedule, 34 Chapter 19, Winnebago County General Code and must be adopted by the County Board of 35 Supervisors, which is done periodically via five-year increments.

  • LESSEE shall pay a reservation deposit of (see 44 the chart below) on or before the assigned dates (equal to approximately 25% of total 45 fee due), to secure performance by XXXXXX of all of the terms and conditions of this 46 Rental Agreement.

  • Rental properties Your tenants or letting agency can call us directly to arrange a visit.

More Definitions of Rental

Rental means making a copy of the work available for use, on terms that it will or may be returned, for direct or indirect economic or commercial advantage, and
Rental means, collectively, the Base Annual Rental and the Additional Rental.
Rental means the transfer of the possession or use of a motor vehicle, whether or not the
Rental has the meaning ascribed to such term in Section 10.4(c).
Rental means rental, lease, charter or hire by the Insured to any person, company or organisation for Private Pleasure and Business uses only, where the operation of the Aircraft is not under the control of the Insured. Rental for any other purpose is NOT insured under this Policy unless specifically declared to Insurers and the detail of such use(s) stated in Part 3 of the Schedule under SPECIAL RENTAL USES.
Rental means making available for use, for a limited period of time and for direct or indirect economic or commercial advantage;
Rental license means a license for a limited term of less than one year as identified in the Order. Maintenance Services for a Rental license are included in the Rental license fee.