Related Agreement definition

Related Agreement means any Contract which is or is to be entered into at the Closing or otherwise pursuant to this Agreement. The Related Agreements executed by a specified Person shall be referred to as "such Person's Related Agreements," "its Related Agreements" or another similar expression.
Related Agreement means and includes any Guaranty and any approval letter or progress payment, assignment, security or other agreement or addendum related to this Agreement, any Equipment Note or any Collateral to which Borrower or any Guarantor is a party.
Related Agreement means (i) any agreement, document or instrument (other than the Note and Underlying Collateral Documents) relating to or evidencing any obligation to pay or securing any Loan (including any equipment lease, letter of credit, bankersacceptance, draft, system confirmation of transaction, loan history, affidavit, general collection information, and correspondence and comments relating to any obligation), (ii) any agreement relating to real property or rights in or to any real property (including leases, tenancies, concessions, licenses or other rights of occupancy or use and security deposits related thereto) related to any Loan, (iii) any collection, contingency fee, and tax and other service agreements that are specific to the Loans (or any of them) and that are assignable, (iv) any letter of assurance, letter of credit or similar instrument evidencing an obligation of any Failed Bank or the Initial Member that was issued for the benefit of any Person and relates in any way to a Loan or the acquisition, development or construction of any project with respect to which the proceeds of such Loan were used or were intended to be used and (v) any interest rate swap arrangement between the Borrower and any of a Failed Bank, the Initial Member or the Company (in each case as the applicable lender, agent or other creditor under the Loan) that relates to any Loan.

Examples of Related Agreement in a sentence

  • The relevant Related Agreement will provide that on such purchase such Related Agreement (or a proportionate part thereof which corresponds to the Notes to be purchased) will terminate and the Supplemental Trust Deed provides that the Security over the relevant Underlying Assets or part thereof may be released to provide funds for such purchase.

More Definitions of Related Agreement

Related Agreement means any agreement between Company and any of Company’s Affiliates and Bottler and any of Bottler’s Affiliates relating to the marketing, promotion, distribution and sale of Covered Beverages and Related Products in the Territory (e.g., the Finished Goods Supply Agreement).
Related Agreement means each interest rate and/or currency exchange and/or cap, floor, collar, forward, option or other hedging agreement(s) or derivative contract(s), entered into by the relevant Issuer with a Counterparty in respect of the Notes, specified as such in the Issue Memorandum.
Related Agreement means the confirmation (including the ISDA Master Agreement of which such confirmation is deemed to be subject and to form a part) entered into between [*] and Counterparty in relation to the Related Transaction as may be amended, supplemented or adjusted from time to time.
Related Agreement is defined in Section 7 above.
Related Agreement means any Ancillary Agreement (as defined in the Separation Agreement), other than this Tax Matters Agreement.
Related Agreement means any Contract that is to be entered into at the Closing or otherwise pursuant to this Agreement on or prior to the Closing Date, including the Assignment and Assumption Agreement, the Bill of Sale, the License Agreement, the Patent Assignment, the Release Agreement, the Special Warranty Deeds, the Supply Agreements, the Sublicense, the Trademark Assignment and the Transition Services Agreement; provided, however, that, solely for purposes of Article XII of this Agreement, the term “Related Agreement” shall not include the Commercial Agreements. The Related Agreements executed by a specified Person shall be referred to as “such Person’s Related Agreements,” “its Related Agreements” or other similar expression.