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Recycled means recovered wood that prior to being supplied to the Authority had an end use as a standalone object or as part of a structure. The term "recycled" is used to cover the following categories: pre-consumer recycled wood and wood fibre or industrial by products but excluding sawmill co-products (sawmill co-products are deemed to fall within the category of virgin timber), post-consumer recycled wood and wood fibre, and drift wood. It also covers reclaimed timber which was abandoned or confiscated at least ten years previously. Documentary evidence and independent verification also apply to recycled materials, but will focus on the use to which the timber was previously put rather than the forest source.
Recycled means those materials, which would otherwise be Disposed, that
Recycled means a material that is reused or reclaimed.

Examples of Recycled in a sentence

  • Improving Markets for Recycled Plastics: Trends, Prospects and Policy Responses.

  • V.21 CONTRACT-014.3 Recycled Content Enforcement (February 2012) The Contractor may be required, after delivery of the Contract item(s), to provide the Commonwealth with documentary evidence that the item(s) was in fact produced with the required minimum percentage ofpost-consumer and recovered material content.

  • Successfully Using Recycled Water for Landscape Irrigation 1 A toxicity problem occurs when high levels of ions are taken up by plants from the soil water.

  • Nitrogen Levels in Recycled Water Ayers and Westcot (1985) state that irrigation water should not have nitrate-nitrogen concentrations greater than 5 mg/L for sensitive plants if no restriction on use is desirable.

  • Salient terms of the contracts or arrangements’ or transactions including the value, if anyMaterials (Recycled Yarn) to be supplied at prices at arms length prevailing on the date of supply of materials to the extent of Euro 3.0 MillionAmount : USD 20 MillionRate of Interest : USD Libor + 5% Repayment Dates: USD 10 Million on 12th January 2022 and USD 10 Million on 21st November 2022.

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Recycled as applied to paper means “recycled printing and writing paper” as
Recycled means having reached the end of one useful life or one intended purpose, and then being converted and utilized as a raw material in the production of another product which that may or may not be similar to the original product. The resultant manufactured product is said to have recycled content.
Recycled means a process by which post-consumer materials
Recycled. , for a product, means the product is recovered and used as a raw material to produce another product;
Recycled means that an Instruction that could not be matched and/or settled on its Intended Settlement Day is queued in order to be matched and/or settled again during a subsequent Business day;
Recycled means used, reused, or reclaimed; and