Quarterly definition

Quarterly means the 4 inclusive periods from 1 April to 30 June, 1 July to 30 September, 1 October to 31 December and in the following year, 1 January to 31 March;
Quarterly for reporting/sampling means after/during each 3 month period, January to March; April to June; July to September and October to December and, when sampling, with at least 2 months between each sampling date.
Quarterly has a corresponding meaning;

Examples of Quarterly in a sentence

The undersigned is a director and/or senior officer of the Issuer and has been duly authorized by a resolution of the board of directors of the Issuer to sign this Quarterly Listing Statement.

Prepare this Quarterly Listing Statement using the format set out below.

All of the information in this Form 5 Quarterly Listing Statement is true.

The Permittee shall include all emergencies in the Quarterly Deviation and Compliance Monitoring Report.

Quarterly reports shall be submitted in the manner specified in 40 CFR 75.73(f).

More Definitions of Quarterly

Quarterly has a corresponding meaning.
Quarterly shall be interpreted accordingly.
Quarterly shall refer to a calendar quarter, except that the first (1st) Quarter shall commence on the Effective Date and extend to the end of the then-current calendar quarter and the last calendar quarter shall extend from the first day of such calendar quarter until the effective date of the termination or expiration of this Agreement.
Quarterly means on a Calendar Quarter basis; (k) “annual” or “annually” means on a Calendar Year basis; (l) “year” means a 365-day period unless Calendar Year is specified; (m) references to a particular Person include such Person’s successors and assigns to the extent not prohibited by this Agreement; (n) the use of any gender herein will be deemed to encompass references to either or both genders, and the use of the singular will be deemed to include the plural (and vice versa); (o) a capitalized term not defined herein but reflecting a different part of speech than a capitalized term which is defined herein will be interpreted in a correlative manner; (p) any definition of or reference to any agreement, instrument or other document herein will be construed as referring to such agreement, instrument or other document as from time to time amended, supplemented or otherwise modified (subject to any restrictions on such amendments, supplements or modifications set forth herein); (q) the wordshereof,” “herein,” “hereby” and derivative or similar words refer to this Agreement (including any Schedules); (r) neither Party or its Affiliates will be deemed to be actingon behalf of” the other Party under this Agreement, except to the extent expressly otherwise provided; (s) provisions that require that a Party, or the JSC hereunder “agree”, “consent” or “approve” or the like will be deemed to require that such agreement, consent or approval be specific and in writing in a written agreement, letter or approved minutes, but, except as expressly provided herein, excluding e-mail and instant messaging; and (t) the word “will” will be construed to have the same meaning and effect as the word “shall”.
Quarterly means calendar quarters, being each of the three (3) calendar month periods ending 3/31, 6/30, 9/30 and 12/31 of each calendar year.
Quarterly shall be construed accordingly.
Quarterly means the 4 inclusive periods from 1 January to 31 March, 1 April to 30 June, 1 July