Public benefit definition

Public benefit means making capital available, or facilitating the availability of capital, to businesses in this state that have 750 or fewer employees, the intent of which is to create or retain employment opportunities for residents of this state, stabilize or increase the tax base of this state, or support the redevelopment of facilities for use by small businesses.
Public benefit means affordable housing for low-income and very low-income households as defined in RCW 43.63A.510, and related facilities that support the goals of affordable housing development in providing economic and social stability for low-income persons.

Examples of Public benefit in a sentence

  • This guidance aims to clarify what constitutes public benefit in a data sharing context to help organisations better interpret a currently ill-defined concept.Defining public benefitOur public dialogue enabled us to reach the following definition of public benefit: Public benefit means that there should be some ‘net good’ accruing to the public; it has both a benefit aspect and a public aspect.

  • Public benefit In setting the academy Trust’s objectives and planning activities the directors have given careful consideration to the Charity Commission’s General Guidance on Public Benefit.

More Definitions of Public benefit

Public benefit means a benefit that accrues to the public at large rather than to a person, a small group of persons or to a private enterprise.
Public benefit means one or more positive effects or reduction of negative effects on one or more categories of persons, entities, communities, or interests other than shareholders in their capacities as shareholders, including effects of an artistic, charitable, cultural, economic, educational, environmental, literary, medical, religious, scientific, or technological nature.
Public benefit has the meaning set forth in Section 4.2.
Public benefit means that all of the citizens of the state may derive a direct benefit from departmental actions in the form of environmental protection; energy and mineral production; utilization of renewable resources; promotion of navigation and commerce by fos- tering water-dependent uses; and encouraging direct public use and ac- cess; and generating revenue in a manner consistent with RCW 79.105.030.
Public benefit means an improvement in the welfare of society or part of it, thus benefiting the general interest of society;