public purpose definition

public purpose means the public purpose described in the preamble to this Resolution;
public purpose means any of the purposes for which land may be reserved under Part 4 of the Land Administration Act 1997, and any purpose declared by the Governor pursuant to that Act, by notification in the Government Gazette to be a public purpose within the meaning of that Act;

Examples of public purpose in a sentence

Public purpose does not include leasing of property to a 5 private party unless the lease of the property is at fair market value 6 for a public purpose.

More Definitions of public purpose

public purpose means a purpose for which land may be taken under the
public purpose means the performance of any power or duty of the issuing municipality.
public purpose means a purpose which serves or is intended to serve the interests of the public or a section of the public and includes a public work within the meaning of the expression “public work” in the Public Works Act 1902.
public purpose means any purpose that benefits the public or a section of the public, including but not limited to a purpose specified in s7.4(2)
public purpose means as established under the national legislation of each of the Contracting Parties.
public purpose means the activities specified under sub-section (/) of section 2;