Public Works Act definition

Public Works Act means the Public Works Xxx 0000;
Public Works Act means the Public Works Act 1902;
Public Works Act means the Public Works Act, 1902;

Examples of Public Works Act in a sentence

  • The State will as and for a public work under the Public Works Act 1902 resume any land required for the purposes of this Agreement and will if it considers it expedient so to do sell lease or otherwise dispose of the land to the Joint Venturers.

  • Legal mandates of the Prevailing Wages on Public Works Act will be obeyed.

  • In this Division the Land Acquisition and Public Works Act 1902 *is referred to as the principal Act.[* Reprinted as at 3 June 1997.] [22, 23.

  • The Board resolved: That pursuant to Sections 116(1), 117(3)(b) and 120(3) of the Public Works Act 1981 the Council resolves to stop those parcels of road shown as Sections 1 and 2 on SO 477951 containing 857 square metres and 569 square metres respectively and to amalgamate both parcels of land with the adjoining land contained in Computer Freehold Register 647888.

  • This Contract is subject to Washington’s Prevailing Wage on Public Works Act (RCW 39.12).

  • If a settlement is reached, an agreement to purchase land for public work pursuant to Section 17 of the Public Works Xxx 0000 (“Memorandum of Agreement Pursuant to the Public Works Act 1981”) will be prepared by the mediator and signed by the parties.

  • Conversely, the Public Works Act process does not require public submission; however the Council and the adjoining landowner(s) must consent in writing to the proposal.

  • It is understood nothing in this agreement shall preclude individual states or parties from promulgating or adopting rules and regulations governing the operation of their own state's Public Works Act.

  • Attention is called to the need for compliance with the Illinois Workers on Public Works Act 30 ILCS 570-0.01 et seq.

  • The Council has the ability to stop roads pursuant to the Public Works Act 1981 and the Local Government Act 1974.

More Definitions of Public Works Act

Public Works Act means the Public Works Act 1902 ;
Public Works Act means the Public Works Act 1902 (WA).
Public Works Act means the Public Works Xxx 0000 (WA).

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