Excluded Inventory definition

Excluded Inventory shall have the meaning set forth in Section 2.1(c).
Excluded Inventory means any of the following inventory of goods, merchandise, or other inventory of Seller located at the Leased Premises: (a) all items in the Fresh Departments;
Excluded Inventory means (a) all raw materials utilized for the manufacture of active pharmaceutical ingredients (including precursors and starting material, excipients and reagents) necessary for Seller and its Affiliates to perform their obligations under the Supply Agreement, (b) all active pharmaceutical ingredients, placebos and other materials necessary for Seller to supply clinical trials pursuant to the Transitional Services Agreement, and (c) all work-in-progress materials (meaning bulk tablets and blisters) and raw materials and components (including excipients, inserts, labels and packaging materials) necessary for Seller and its Affiliates to perform their obligations under the Toll Manufacturing Agreement. For the avoidance of doubt, the Excluded Inventory that (i) is Related to the Program Business, (ii) remains reasonably usable (e.g., not expired) and (iii) is owned by Seller or one of its Affiliates immediately prior to the Closing shall be used by Seller and its Affiliates solely for purposes of performing their respective obligations under the Ancillary Agreements.

Examples of Excluded Inventory in a sentence

  • All inventory (including in-transit inventory), raw materials, fabric, packaging, finished goods, parts and supplies to the extent related primarily to the Garland Business, located at the Real Property (the “Purchased Inventory”), other than the Excluded Inventory.

  • An approximation of the Excluded Inventory is described on Schedule 1.3(h).

  • Buyer acknowledges that Sellers will have the right to continue to sell the Excluded Inventory from and after receipt of an Exercise Notice such that the Excluded Inventory to be purchased at any Excluded Inventory Closing shall consist of the remaining portion (if any) of such Excluded Inventory related to the Specified Vendor.

  • The closing related to Buyer’s acquisition of such Excluded Inventory (the “Excluded Inventory Closing”) shall take place no later than the [--] after the receipt of the Exercise Notice by Sellers.

  • Following the Closing Date, the Company shall, and Buyer shall cause the Company to, use reasonable best efforts to sell the Excluded Inventory.

More Definitions of Excluded Inventory

Excluded Inventory means (a) all inventory of the Retail Business supplied by a Specified Vendor that has not established a commercial relationship with Buyer prior to the Closing Date (including any additions to such inventory due to customer returns after the Closing or acquired by Sellers subsequent to the Closing in the ordinary course pursuant to purchase orders submitted prior to Closing) and (b) all Excluded European Inventory.
Excluded Inventory means (a) tobacco inventories for which title has passed to a customer and (b) Committed Inventories to the extent a customer is providing financing to the Company or any of its Subsidiaries for such Committed Inventories.
Excluded Inventory means (i) doré, bullion, unrefined gold and refined gold on site or in transit to a smelter or refiner or held by a smelter or refiner for the account of a Barrick Party or a Newmont Party, as the case may be, or (ii) any finished inventory or inventory available for sale (including Phoenix concentrate and cathode finished goods inventory);
Excluded Inventory means any Inventory that has been identified by the Bank as being unacceptable for inclusion of calculation of the Borrowing Base Limitation because the Bank has determined that such Inventory is not readily saleable, such determination to be made in the Bank’s judgment, in good faith and based on information which, in its judgment, supports such determination.
Excluded Inventory means (i) all Inventory other than the Acquired Inventory, (ii) all Inventory held by Sellers which is located at any site which is not a Property and (iii) for the avoidance of doubt, all Inventory located at any GOB Store.
Excluded Inventory means the Inventory which is not Purchased Inventory.
Excluded Inventory has the meaning set forth in Section 2.2(c).