Pre-Retirement Death Benefit definition

Pre-Retirement Death Benefit means the benefit payable, as set forth in Article 4, to the Beneficiary of an Executive who dies prior to the commencement of his Retirement Income Benefit.
Pre-Retirement Death Benefit means a monthly benefit equal to 50% of a Member's Basic Compensation. This benefit shall be paid for a period of 180 months.
Pre-Retirement Death Benefit means the lesser of (x) the product of (i) $_________ per month indexed at four percent (4%) per annum, multiplied by (ii) the number of completed calendar years subsequent to ______________, or (y) the sum of (i) the product of (A) twelve (12) multiplied by (B) one hundred percent (100%) of monthly salary for the month in which death occurs and (2) the product of (A) one hundred sixty-eight (168) multiplied by (B) sixty percent (60%) of the monthly salary for the month in which death occurs.

Examples of Pre-Retirement Death Benefit in a sentence

  • Continuation of Pre-Retirement Death Benefit after Remarriage of Survivor.

  • An Executive will be 100% vested in his Retirement Income Benefit if he is an Executive on or after attaining his Early Retirement Date or Normal Retirement Date and will be 100% vested in his Pre-Retirement Death Benefit if he dies while an Executive.

  • The amendment and restatement effective November 1, 2007, shall not result in the decrease or increase of any Retirement Income Benefit of any Executive who is In Pay Status or any Pre-Retirement Death Benefit being paid as of October 31, 2007.

  • A Disabled Executive shall be deemed to be an Executive during the period of his Disability and shall continue to be eligible for early retirement benefits under Plan section 3.3, normal retirement benefits under Plan section 3.2 and a Pre-Retirement Death Benefit under Article 4, and shall be credited with Years of Credited Service for such period regardless of the nonperformance of services for the Company or an Affiliate.

  • Pre-Retirement Death Benefit: The Plan also offers a lump-sum return of contributions with interest or surviving spouse benefit depending on length of service.

More Definitions of Pre-Retirement Death Benefit

Pre-Retirement Death Benefit means the benefit determined in accordance with Section (a) of Article XII.
Pre-Retirement Death Benefit means, with respect to an Executive, the death proceeds payable under the Policy by the Insurer to the Executive’s Beneficiary, in the amounts set forth in the Endorsement unless otherwise provided in an Executive’s Plan Agreement. Neither the Company nor the Executive shall be responsible in any way for the tax status of the Pre-Retirement Death Benefit.
Pre-Retirement Death Benefit means the SERP Benefits payable pursuant to Section 3(e) hereof.
Pre-Retirement Death Benefit means the Annual Pre-Retirement Death Benefit amount set forth in the Addendum to this Agreement.
Pre-Retirement Death Benefit means the death benefit payable under either Section III.B.4. or Section IV.B.4. of the Plan.
Pre-Retirement Death Benefit means the benefit as set forth in Section 3.8.