Definition of PPI Index

PPI Index means the Producers Price Index for Finished Goods as published by the U.S. Department of Labor Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Examples of PPI Index in a sentence

Colgate or its Mexican affiliates shall pay for the cost and expense of such decommissioning; provided, however, that (i) such cost shall not exceed the (****) (subject to escalation according to the applicable PPI Index, retroactive to the beginning of any applicable year, over the 1997 base therefor for all contract years after 1997), and (ii) such decommissioning commences prior to the fifth anniversary of the Commencement Date.
The parties agree that the following examples shall serve as instruction to application of the formula: Example Termination after 36 months, total sales in preceding 12 months of $*** and no adjustment for PPI Index.
Starting in FY04, we agree that modifications to the depreciation component of Fixed Overhead Cost as contemplated by Section 4.4(a) will be made based upon the annual percentage change in the PPI Index referenced in section 2 above.
For the purpose of this calculation, the following definitions shall apply: Excess Sales Value shall mean the amount by which the Distributor's total sales in the previous 12 calendar months preceding notice of termination exceeds $***, adjusted by the PPI Index as set forth in Exhibit M calculated for such previous 12 calendar months.
West will reduce the price charged for the 1cc plunger tips from the amount reflected in Exhibit A to [* *] for the remainder of the Term, exempt from PPI Index or other annual price adjustments.