Definition of Final Index Level

Final Index Level means the closing level of the Index on the Determination Date, subject to adjustment as provided in Section 3 on the face of this Security.

Examples of Final Index Level in a sentence

The Index Payment shall equal (a) (i) the Final Index Level less the Initial Index Level divided by (ii) the Final Index Level multiplied by (b) the principal amount hereof.
In the event that a Valuation Date, including the Final Valuation Date, is postponed to the sixth scheduled Trading Day or in accordance with the preceding paragraph, the Calculation Agent will determine the Final Index Level on that deemed Valuation Date or the Final Valuation Date, as applicable, in its sole reasonable discretion.
If the Final Index Level is equal to or less than the Initial Index Level, then there shall be no Index Payment.
A Valuation Date with respect to a repurchase of this Security at the option of the Holder or at the option of the Bank, including the Final Valuation Date, will be postponed and thus the determination of the Final Index Level will be postponed if the Calculation Agent reasonably determines that, on such Valuation Date, a Market Disruption Event has occurred or is continuing or such day is not a Trading Day.