Reference Index definition

Reference Index means the Index, the Index Performance of which is lowest of the Indices. If the Index Performances of two or more Indices are the same, the Calculation Agent shall determine the Reference Index in its sole discretion.
Reference Index means the World Equity PROCEEDS Index, a composite index that will track the performance of hypothetical investments in two assets, the Basket Units (as defined below) and the Zero Coupon Bond Units (as defined below), and one liability, the Leverage Units (as defined below) (collectively, the “Index Components”). Provided that a Defeasance Event (as defined below) does not occur, the amount of hypothetical funds allocated to each of the Index Components is expected to vary over the term of the PROCEEDS. The Calculation Agent will adjust the allocations systematically using the Reference Index formula described below.
Reference Index means an index of interest rates on Treasury Securities, Municipal Obligations or high quality commercial paper or dividend rates on preferred stock of issuers registered as closed-end management investment companies under the 1940 Act that invest primarily in Municipal Obligations or any other index or instrument selected and approved by the Corporation's Board of Directors, after consultation with the Broker-Dealers and made available to the Auction Agent, as being an appropriate index or instrument, in each case expressed as a rate and devised and calculated not less often than monthly by one or more parties that are not affiliated with the Corporation and made available to the Corporation, the Auction Agent, the Broker-Dealers and existing and potential beneficial owners of the Preferred Shares.

Examples of Reference Index in a sentence

  • Variable Interest on a market-linked GIC is based on variation of the value of the underlying asset, including, without limitation, a Reference Index, Reference Share, Reference Unit or Reference Portfolio.

  • Share Reference Index Cancellation the Share Reference Index Sponsor cancels the Share ReferenceIndex in respect of such Share, and no Successor Share Reference Index exists.

  • As from this moment, if applicable, any calculation will be based on the price of the Successor Reference Index.Upon any selection by the Calculation Agent of a Successor Reference Index, the Calculation Agent will cause written notice thereof to be furnished to the holders within a reasonable delay of such selection.

  • Share Reference Index Disruption in respect of any Share, the Share Reference Index Sponsor failsto calculate and announce the level of the Share Reference Index in respect of such Share.

  • Share Reference Index Scheduled Trading Dayin respect of any Share, any day on which with respect to such Share the Share Reference Index Sponsor is scheduled to publish the level of the Share Reference Index and any day on which the Share Reference Index Exchange and each Share Reference Index Related Exchange is scheduled to be open for trading for its regular trading session.

More Definitions of Reference Index

Reference Index means the S&P/TSX 60 Index (Price Return Version), as further described in this pricing supplement under “The Reference Index”.
Reference Index means subject to the provisions of Clause 4 (Adjustment to and Replacement of Index) and Clause 5 (Correction of Index) below, the unrevised Harmonised Index for Consumer Price (HICP) (excluding tobacco) (Bloomberg Ticker: CPTFEMU Index) for the Euro- Area as calculated by the Sponsor;
Reference Index means the Select 30 PROCEEDS Index, Series 2 published as of 4:00 p.m. (New York City time) on each Business Day (as defined below) on Reuters Page MEREDUS 13 (or any successor page as identified by the Calculation Agent).
Reference Index means each of the indices comprising the Reference Portfolio.
Reference Index means, subject to the provisions below, the unrevised Harmonised Index of Consumer Prices (HICP) excluding Tobacco for the European Monetary Union known as MUICP as calculated by Eurostat or any successor sponsor accepted by the Calculation Agent in accordance with the provisions below (such entity, the “Sponsor”); andCorrections of Reference IndexNotwithstanding that the level of the Reference Index published in respect of any date is subsequently revised by the Sponsor (including any revision due to the original level being a provisional level), the Calculation Agent shall make any determination required in connection with the Notes (including determining any amount of interest that is payable) using the level published prior to any such revision except where such revision is made in order to correct a manifest error in the publication of such index (as determined by the Calculation Agent in its sole discretion), in which event the Calculation Agent shall use the level as so corrected.Adjustment to and Replacement of Reference Index
Reference Index has the same meaning as in the Conditions;