Definition of Portion of Investment

Portion of Investment means, with respect to any Purchaser and its related Investment, the portion of such Investment being funded or maintained by such Purchaser by reference to a particular interest rate basis.
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Examples of Portion of Investment in a sentence

Each Purchaser Agent shall select the duration of such initial Yield Period with respect to the Portion of the Investment funded by the Purchaser(s) for which it is acting as Purchaser Agent and each subsequent Yield Period in connection with such Portion of Investment in its discretion; provided that it shall use reasonable efforts, taking into account market conditions, to accommodate Sellers preferences.
At any time, each Portion of Investment shall have only one Rate Period and one Rate Type.
In addition, at any time when the Net Investment is not divided into more than one portion, "Portion of Investment" means 100% of the Net Investment.
The Euro-Rate shall be adjusted with respect to any Portion of Investment funded at the Yield Rate and based upon the Euro-Rate that is outstanding on the effective date of any change in the Euro-Rate Reserve Percentage as of such effective date.
I-3 "CP Rate" for any Yield Period for any Portion of Investment (i) in the case of the Purchaser Group including Market Street, means the Market Street CP Rate and (ii) in the case of each of other Purchaser Group shall mean the rate set forth as the CP Rate for such Purchaser Group in the related Purchaser Group Fee Letter.