Portfolio Companies definition

Portfolio Companies means individual portfolio investments made by the alternative investment vehicle.
Portfolio Companies means any Person in which any Fund owns or has made, directly or indirectly, an investment.
Portfolio Companies means the Existing Portfolio Companies and the New Portfolio Companies, and shall in all instances exclude any Outside Companies.

Examples of Portfolio Companies in a sentence

  • This Power of Attorney with respect to the Reporting Person shall remain in full force and effect until such Reporting Person is no longer required to file any Reports with respect to the Reporting Person’s ownership of, or transactions in, the securities of Portfolio Companies, unless earlier revoked in a signed writing delivered to the foregoing attorney in fact.

  • Engaging in discussions with outside parties (who are not custodians and brokers or dealers implementing such strategies and transactions for us) about specific strategies or transactions in Portfolio Companies that the Company is or is considering implementing for clients may present a conflict of interest for the Company and may even subject the recipient of such information to this Code (including its personal trading policies).

  • Mr. Buchen serves as a director on the Board of a number of Dhabi Group Portfolio Companies.

  • Personnel will be given access to and become acquainted with highly confidential information about the Firm such as its financial information, business plans and strategies, investment strategies and opportunities, affiliated companies and internal policies and practices, as well as information relating to past, current and prospective Advisory Clients and Portfolio Companies.

  • Name Grant DateAll Other Option Awards: Number of Securities Underlying Options (#) (1) Exercise or Base Price ofOption Awards ($/Sh) Grant Date Fair Value of Option Awards (2) Joseph H.

More Definitions of Portfolio Companies

Portfolio Companies means any entity in which the Company may make an investment and with respect to which Eudaimonia will be providing services pursuant hereto, which investments may include ownership of capital stock, loans, receivables due from a Portfolio Company or other debtor on sale of assets acquired in liquidation and assets acquired in liquidation of any Portfolio Company.
Portfolio Companies means companies in which the Trust has made its Investments.
Portfolio Companies means, with respect to the New Investors and Sequoia, any company in which such Person or its Affiliates have invested as part of their respective ordinary course of private equity investment business.
Portfolio Companies means Later-Stage Venture Capital Companies and Middle-Market Companies, each as defined in the Registration Statement;
Portfolio Companies means any Person in which any Fund holds any direct or indirect investment. For the avoidance of doubt, a Portfolio Company may be a Subsidiary if it is controlled as described in clause (i) or (ii) of the definition of Subsidiary by one or more Company Entities, other than if such control is through a Company Entity’s Advisory Services, including any such services for a Fund or through a Company Entity serving as general partner, managing member or in any similar capacity with respect to the management or control of a Fund.
Portfolio Companies means the Investor’s or its Affiliatesoperating or portfolio companies, investment funds or vehicles, or investee companies.
Portfolio Companies means any Person in which the Company makes an investment, other than a Short-Term Investment.