Operating Subsidiaries definition

Operating Subsidiaries means, collectively, the Corporation and HST, each a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Trust, and "Operating Subsidiary" means either of the Corporation or HST, as applicable.
Operating Subsidiaries means all Subsidiaries of the Seller other than Single-purpose Finance Subsidiaries.
Operating Subsidiaries means Regency Gas Services LP, a Delaware limited partnership and all other Subsidiaries of Regency.

Examples of Operating Subsidiaries in a sentence

All equity interests in the Operating Subsidiaries have been issued in compliance with all applicable securities laws and were not issued in violation of any preemptive right, resale right, right of first refusal or similar right.

No options, warrants or other rights to purchase, agreements or other obligations to issue or rights to convert any obligation into equity interests in any of the Operating Subsidiaries are outstanding.

The Partnership has no other direct or indirect “subsidiaries” (as defined under the Securities Act) other than the Operating Subsidiaries.

KGEM is also affiliated with each of the Operating Subsidiaries and ERC.

KGEM is also affiliated with each of the other Operating Subsidiaries and ERC Home Builders, Inc.

More Definitions of Operating Subsidiaries

Operating Subsidiaries means any Subsidiaries of an Obligor that, at any time of reference, provide management, construction, design or other services (excluding any such Subsidiary which may provide any such services which are only incidental to that Subsidiary’s ownership of one or more Real Estate).
Operating Subsidiaries means collectively, the direct and indirect subsidiaries of the Trust that own and operate assets for the benefit of the Trust (with the material Operating Subsidiaries being EEC, EPP, EAC, and Enterra US Acqco);
Operating Subsidiaries means jointly Soldaduras West Arco S.A.S., Soldaduras Megriweld S.A.S., Comercializadora de Electrodos de Venezuela Comelven C.A. and Soluciones Venezolanas en Soldaduras Solvensol C.A.
Operating Subsidiaries means collectively, the direct and indirect subsidiaries of the Corporation that own and operate assets for the benefit of the Corporation (with the material Operating Subsidiaries being EEPC, EEPP, EEUSI, EEUSHI, EEFI, and EEF(D)I;
Operating Subsidiaries means collectively, as of the Effective Date, (a) Emmis Publishing Corporation, Mediatex Communications Corporation, and Los Angeles Magazine Holding Company, Inc., each an Indiana corporation; (b) Emmis Radio, LLC, an Indiana limited liability company; (c) Emmis International Broadcasting Corporation, a California corporation; (d) the Partnership Subsidiaries and their successors; (e) Emmis Indiana Broadcasting, L.P., an Indiana limited partnership; (f) WBLS and WBLS Tower; and (g) any new Subsidiaries acquired in connection with any acquisition permitted hereunder or formed in connection with any internal reorganization permitted pursuant to Section 6.03(a) and used to hold assets (other than broadcast licenses).
Operating Subsidiaries means, collectively, HC2 Station Group, Inc., HC2 Broadcasting Inc., HC2 Network Inc. and HC2 LPTV Holdings, Inc., each a Delaware corporation.