Portable signs definition

Portable signs means any signs designed to be transported, including but not limited to signs with wheels removed; with chassis or support constructed without wheels; designed to be transported by trailer or wheels; converted to A or T-frame signs; attached temporarily or permanently to the ground, structure or other signs; mounted on a vehicle or watercraft for advertising purposes, parking and visible from the public right-of-way, except signs identifying the related business when the vehicle is being used in the normal day-to-day operations of that business; searchlight stands; and air or gas-filled balloons or umbrellas used for advertising.
Portable signs means signs which have no permanent attachment to a building or the ground, including but
Portable signs means a sign that is designed to be transported and attached temporarily to the ground, a structure or another sign.

Examples of Portable signs in a sentence

  • Portable signs or goods for sale or display must not be placed on the footway or other public areas.

  • Portable signs which have flexible sign blanks shall meet the reflectorization and color requirements of ASTM Type VI.

  • Portable signs shall be weighted, temporarily secured, or strategically placed so as to avoid being carried away by high winds.

  • Portable signs may be used when the duration of the work is less than three (3) days or as allowed by the special conditions in Subsection 150.11.

  • Portable signs shall conform to the requirements of the MUTCD and shall be NCHRP 350 compliant.

  • PUNCHLIST WORK: Portable signs shall be utilized to accomplish the completion of all punchlist items.

  • Portable signs shall be secured in such a manner to prevent misalignment and minimize the possibility of being blown over by weather conditions or traffic.

  • Portable signs or any sign not permanently embedded in the ground, or not permanently affixed to a building or sign structure that is permanently embedded in the ground, are considered temporary signs.

  • Any limited duration and temporary signs as defined and regulated in §170-1808, Regulations by Sign Type (Limited Duration, Temporary and Portable signs).

  • Any limited duration, temporary or portable sign as defined and regulated in §170-1808, Regulations by Sign Type (Limited Duration, Temporary and Portable signs).

More Definitions of Portable signs

Portable signs means a sign not permanently affixed to a building, structure or the ground and can be moved from one location to another. These signs may be displayed for a maximum of thirty (30) days at one time up to four (4) times per year.
Portable signs means signs or poster boards of any material which are capable of being moved from one location to another, and include, but are not limited to, signs mounted on trailers and signs mounted on frames placed on the surface of any lot or having no permanent attachment to the ground, building or structure.

Related to Portable signs

  • Portable sign means a sign not permanently affixed to the ground and designed in such a manner as to be capable of being moved from place to place but does not include a sidewalk sign;

  • Pole sign means a sign that is mounted on a freestanding pole or other support so that the bottom edge of the sign face is six feet or more above grade.

  • Portable means that subscriptions may be retained by the

  • Inflatable Sign means a sign or advertising device designed to be airborne and tethered to the ground, a vehicle or any other structure and shall include balloons and any other inflatable advertising device;

  • Mobile Sign means a sign mounted on trailer or frame, lighted or unlighted, which is not permanently attached to a structure or the ground.

  • Facsimile signature means a signature engraved, lithographed, printed, stamped, or otherwise mechanically reproduced or computer-generated.

  • Marquee sign means any sign attached to or supported by a marquee, which is a permanent roof-like projecting structure attached to a building.

  • E-SIGN means the Electronic Signatures in Global and National Commerce Act (15 U.S.C. § 7001 et seq.), as it may be amended from time to time, or any applicable additional or successor legislation that governs the same subject matter.

  • Portable Media means any machine readable media that may routinely be stored or moved independently of computing devices. Examples include magnetic tapes, optical discs (CDs or DVDs), flash memory (thumb drive) devices, external hard drives, and internal hard drives that have been removed from a computing device.

  • pdf or “tif”) shall be effective as delivery of a manually executed counterpart of this Agreement.

  • Portable tank means a storage tank along with its piping and wiring that is not stationary or affixed, including a tank that is on skids.

  • E-Signature means the process of attaching to or logically associating with an Electronic Transmission an electronic symbol, encryption, digital signature or process (including the name or an abbreviation of the name of the party transmitting the Electronic Transmission) with the intent to sign, authenticate or accept such Electronic Transmission.

  • Facsimile machine means a machine that can send and receive a facsimile transmission.

  • Portable x-ray equipment means x-ray equipment designed to be hand-carried.

  • Electronic Payment means a wire transfer or an ACH credit transfer.

  • Portable Device means any computing device with a small form factor, designed to be transported from place to place. Portable devices are primarily battery powered devices with base computing resources in the form of a processor, memory, storage, and network access. Examples include, but are not limited to, mobile phones, tablets, and laptops. Mobile Device is a subset of Portable Device.

  • Ink means a fluid or viscous substance used in the printing industry to produce letters, symbols or illustrations, but not to coat an entire surface.

  • Electronic Payment System means a payment system that generates any transfer of funds, other than a transaction originated by cash, check, or similar paper instrument, which is initiated through an electronic terminal, telephone, mobile phone, computer, or magnetic tape, for the purpose of ordering, instructing or authorizing a financial institution to debit or credit an account. The term includes debit cards, wire transfers, transfers made at automatic teller machines, and point-of-sale terminals.

  • Scan means the complete process of collecting x-ray transmission data for the production of a tomogram. Data can be collected simultaneously during a single scan for the production of one or more tomograms.

  • Chronic pain means persistent or episodic pain of a duration or intensity that adversely affects the functioning or well-being of a patient when (1) no relief or cure for the cause of pain is possible; (2) no relief or cure for the cause of pain has been found; or (3) relief or cure for the cause of pain through other medical procedures would adversely affect the well-being of the patient. If pain persists beyond the anticipated healing period of a few weeks, patients should be thoroughly evaluated for the presence of chronic pain.

  • Date Signed (Sign exactly as your name appears on the other side of this Note)

  • Electronic PHI means PHI created, received, maintained or transmitted electronically in accordance with 45 CFR § 160.103.

  • Real estate sign means a temporary non-illuminated sign installed, erected or displayed on a property for the notification that a building, premises or portion thereof is offered for sale, rent or lease;

  • TIF means Tax Increment Financing, as described in Section III below and in particular, Tax Increment Financing relating to the TID.

  • Facsimile (FAX) prescription means a written prescription or order that is transmitted by an electronic device over telephone lines that sends the exact image to the receiving pharmacy in hard copy form.

  • transmitted by electronic means” means sent in the form of a facsimile or sent via the internet as a portable document format (“pdf”) or other replicating image attached to an electronic mail or internet message.