Ink definition

Ink means a fluid or viscous substance used in the printing industry to produce letters, symbols or illustrations, but not to coat an entire surface.
Ink means a coating applied by a roll printer.
Ink means a mixture, including all the organic solvents or mixtures containing organic solvents necessary for its proper application, which is used in a printing activity to impress text or images on to a surface;

Examples of Ink in a sentence

  • Ink, Data Alignment, and Quality Standards for Paper Claim SubmissionIn order for OCR (Optical Character Recognition) software to read paper claim forms accurately, the claim forms must comply with certain ink standards, as well as other data alignment and quality standards.

  • The Mutual Fund reserves the right to hold the redemption proceeds in case the requisite details are not submitted.To enable verification of the bank mandate details and ensure expeditious clearing, the 9-digit MICR (Magnetic Ink Character Recognition) number appearing to the right of the cheque number on the bottom white strip of the cheque leaf should be provided.IFSC is a 11 digit alpha numeric character given by some of the banks on the cheques.

  • This would be subject to availability of complete bank account details including Magnetic Ink Character Recognition (MICR) code wherever applicable from the depository.

  • The MICR code, (Magnetic Ink Character Recognition) that appears on cheques, has 9 digits to identify the bank-branch.

  • Bubbling by Pencil / Ink Pen / Gel Pen is not permitted in this examination.

More Definitions of Ink

Ink means a fluid that contains dyes and/or colorants and is used to make markings, but not to protect surfaces.
Ink means a coating used in printing, impressing, or transferring words, pictures, designs or other images onto a substrate.
Ink means a fluid composition consisting of colorant to provide optical contrast with a substrate, film formers to provide adhesion to the substrate, oils and/or solvents to provide fluidity and drying, and other functional additives.
Ink means a pigmented liquid or paste used especially for writing or printing. For purposes of this chapter, ink also includes printer toner powder or other means of placing an indelible mark onto paper.
Ink means a pigmented liquid or paste used especially for writing or printing. For
Ink means any printable materials transferred to the Substrate by the Flexographic Plate printing process, including solvent, water and ultraviolet or electron beam curable types.
Ink means printing inks and other materials, which are jetted by Printheads.