Pole sign definition

Pole sign means a sign that is mounted on a freestanding pole or other support so that the bottom edge of the sign face is six feet or more above grade.
Pole sign means a single or multiple-faced sign eight or more feet above grade, supported by one or more uprights in the ground and detached from any building or structure.
Pole sign means any freestanding sign composed of a sign cabinet, backboard, frame or base and the sign pole, or pylon by which it connects to the ground.

Examples of Pole sign in a sentence

  • For internally illuminated monument sign copy, acrylic may be utilized, provided not more than 50% of the sign face is illuminated.17.7-3 Pole sign design requirements.

  • Pole sign area visible to the same direction of traffic shall not exceed 2 square feet for each foot of street frontage on which the signs are located, plus 1 square foot for each foot of building frontage along the same street.

  • Monument sign Pole sign HOSPTAL: A place with a full-time staff of resident licensed physicians and registered nurses and with complete facilities for the general diagnosis, treatment, and care of inpatients suffering from illness, disease, injury, deformity or other abnormal physical or mental condition and offering customary out-patient services as an accessory use.

  • Pole sign: A limited use on-site sign which is used for promotional-type advertising temporarily attached to perimeter poles, private light poles, canopy poles or other similar poles, but not including flag poles.

  • Can have 2 consecutive15 days (double the fee) and then must wait 15 days before doing again.5. Free Standing Pole sign (single pole) $25.00 permit fee+ $ 1.00 per sq ft/side (both if 2- sided)+ $40.00 inspection fee+ electrical if applicable6.

More Definitions of Pole sign

Pole sign means any freestanding sign more than five feet in height that does not meet the definition of monument, ground or portable sign. These signs are composed of the sign cabinet or base and the sign pole or pylon by which it connects to the ground.
Pole sign means a freestanding sign that is structurally mounted on one or more poles.
Pole sign means any sign erected on a pole or poles, which is entirely or partially independent of any building for support.
Pole sign means any sign, electric or otherwise, hung, supported or cantilevered from one or more supports constructed of structural steel, pipe, other materials or combinations of same.
Pole sign means a sign, including its supporting structure and flags not otherwise exempted, which is mounted on one or more free-standing poles or other support independent of a building and having its lowest edge eight feet or more above the elevation of the curb of the nearest roadway.
Pole sign means a permanently mounted, freestanding sign which is supported above the ground by one or more uprights, braces, poles, or other similar structural components.
Pole sign means a permanent ground sign with a visible support structure consisting