TIF definition

TIF means Tax Increment Financing, as described in Section III below and in particular, Tax Increment Financing relating to the TID.

Examples of TIF in a sentence

  • Taxes in TIF: Enter the amount of taxes paid into the tax increment fund for a reinvestment zone as agreed by the taxing unit.

  • The measurement focus used for the TIF Zone fund is a flow of financial resources.

  • Existing structures currently zoned commercial or industrial and in current commercial use or planned for commercial use within the Bernice TIF District are eligible for the grant.

  • The Zone's Financial Plan permits expenditures not to exceed $1,148,014 over the life of the TIF to reimburse the City for administrative costs.

  • He shared that the new TIF Act was developed to consolidate the numerous Tax Increment acts.

More Definitions of TIF

TIF means the property tax increment portion of the property tax assessment roll described in §31-25-107(9)(a)(II) of the Act.
TIF means tax increment financing to which the tax increment provisions of Section 31-25-107(9) of the Act apply.