Portable sign definition

Portable sign means a sign not permanently affixed to the ground and designed in such a manner as to be capable of being moved from place to place but does not include a sidewalk sign;
Portable sign means a sign which is not in a permanently installed or affixed position;
Portable sign means a temporary sign designed to be moved easily and not permanently affixed to the ground or to a structure or building, e.g., A-board, T-frame, swing-frame, etc.

Examples of Portable sign in a sentence

  • No business shall be issued a Permit or erect or display a Portable Sign unless a minimum period of twenty-one (21) consecutive days has passed since the expiry date endorsed on a previous Portable Sign Permit issued at a location.

  • A Portable Sign shall not be erected or displayed for more than twenty-one (21) consecutive days from the date the Permit is issued.

  • Only one Portable Sign may be erected or displayed on a Property at any one time.

  • A maximum of six (6) Portable Sign Permits per calendar year may be issued to each business at a municipal address.

More Definitions of Portable sign

Portable sign means any sign that is not an aerial sign and is not permanently attached to the ground or other permanent structure, or a sign designed to be transported, including but not limited to signs designed to be transported by means of wheels, signs converted to A-frames or T-frames, menu and sandwich board signs, and signs attached to or painted on vehicles parked and visible from any public street, park, other public place or pedestrian way, unless said vehicle is driven in the normal day-to-day operation of the business.
Portable sign means a sign not permanently attached to the ground or to a structure, wall, fence or building and including but not limited to a sandwich board sign consisting of two sign boards attached to each other at the top or elsewhere by hinges or other means;
Portable sign means a sign that is not permanently affixed and is designed for or capable of being moved, except those signs explicitly designed for people to carry on their persons or that are permanently affixed to motor vehicles. Portable signs include, but are not limited to, A-frame signs, portable reader boards, and similar signs.
Portable sign means a sign specifically designed or intended to be readily moved from one location to another and which does not rely on a building or foundation for its structural support, and includes signs commonly known as an A-Frame or mobile sign.
Portable sign means any moveable sign, such as a sandwich board sign, which is capable of being moved easily and is not permanently affixed to the ground or a structure or building.
Portable sign means a sign, excluding A-board and temporary signs that can be carried or transported from one site to another
Portable sign means any structure without a permanent foundation or otherwise permanently attached to a fixed location, which can be carried, towed, hauled or driven and is primarily designed to be moved rather than be limited to a fixed location regardless of modifications that limit its movability.