Inflatable Sign definition

Inflatable Sign means a sign or advertising device designed to be airborne and tethered to the ground, a vehicle or any other structure and shall include balloons and any other inflatable advertising device;
Inflatable Sign means any hoarding erected and maintained by means of air or gas used for the purpose of posting or displaying any advertisement.
Inflatable Sign means any object enlarged or inflated which floats, is tethered in the air, is activated by air or moving gas, or is located on the ground or on a building with or without copy or other graphic. These signs include large single displays or a display of smaller inflatable items, such as balloons, connected in some fashion to create a larger display.

Examples of Inflatable Sign in a sentence

  • That the Executive Director of the Agency, or his designee,is hereby authorized, on behalf of the Agency, to sign all documents necessary and appropriate to carry out and implement the Rehabilitation Loan Agreement and to administer the Agency's obligations, responsibilities, and duties to be performed under the Agreement.

  • No person shall display or permit to be displayed an Inflatable Sign except in accordance with the applicable general regulations under this By-law, and the specific regulations under this section of the By-law.

  • An Inflatable Sign shall have a maximum height of 7.0 metres and a maximum width of 6.0 metres.

  • Inflatable Sign: Any flexible device utilized to attract attention to a location and/or itself that is made of canvas, cloth, plastic sheeting, or any other flexible material, using air or other medium lighter than air for structural support (with or without a fan), and not considered a balloon as defined herein.

  • Inflatable Sign: A sign that is a gas- or air-inflated object, which may be of various shapes, made of flexible fabric, resting on the ground or structure and equipped with a portable blower motor that provides a constant flow of air into the device.

More Definitions of Inflatable Sign

Inflatable Sign means a SIGN or ADVERTISING DEVICE designed to be inflated and tethered to the ground, a BUILDING or any other STRUCTURE.
Inflatable Sign means a temporary sign that is designed to be inflated with air or lighter-than-air gas and to be anchored or affixed to a building or to the ground; Sign for illustrative purposes
Inflatable Sign means a sign designed to be airborne and tethered to the ground, a vehicle, or any other structure and shall include balloons and any other inflatable Sign.
Inflatable Sign means a sign that is temporary, is filled with air or gas and tethered to the ground, a vehicle or any structure and includes, but is not limited to, balloons and any other inflatable sign;
Inflatable Sign means a non-rigid, gas or air filled bag or balloon used to advertise or attract attention;
Inflatable Sign means any advertising devise, which is supported by heated or forced air, or lighter-than- air gases.
Inflatable Sign means a TEMPORARY SIGN filled with air or gas;