Definition of Policy Termination Date

Policy Termination Date means the date that is two (2) years after the Marketing Termination Date.

Examples of Policy Termination Date in a sentence

Beginning at the Effective Time and extending through the Policy Termination Date, with respect to the Provider Agreements and Third Party Administration Agreements that are Assumed Agreements, as such agreements relate to the Reinsured Policies, Reinsurer will provide to Ceding Company such rights and benefits under such agreements as are necessary and appropriate for Ceding Company to perform its obligations under this Agreement as the direct writer of the Reinsured Policies.
A New Policy may not include any term or condition that would prevent the termination of such policy on or at any time after the Policy Termination Date, other than a term that is the same as is contained in one of the forms of New Policies set forth in Exhibit C providing for a prior notice of termination or an effective date of termination.
Ceding Company represents and warrants to Reinsurer that all policy forms listed on Exhibits A and C contain terms and conditions that will not preclude Reinsurer from complying with the obligations in Section 3.7 and this Section 3.8, including, without limitation, the obligation to permit Existing Policies to be terminated on and after the Policy Termination Date.
Such resignation shall not become effective until a successor Agent is appointed by the Insurer (or the Majority Purchasers if an Insurer Default or Policy Termination Date has occurred and is continuing) and has accepted such appointment.
In addition, Ceding Company will renew a New Policy after the Marketing Termination Date, at Reinsurers request, where appropriate to honor a two-year rate guarantee for a New Policy that was issued before the Marketing Termination Date for a period not to extend beyond the Policy Termination Date and at rates determined by Reinsurer.