Surety Provider definition

Surety Provider means XL Capital Assurance Inc., a New York corporation. The Surety Provider shall constitute an “Enhancement Provider” with respect to the Series 2003-4 Notes for all purposes under the Indenture and the other Related Documents.
Surety Provider means the Bond Insurer or any other entity issuing a Reserve Fund Insurance Policy with respect to the Bonds, if any.

Examples of Surety Provider in a sentence

  • Each such opinion of counsel shall be addressed to the Surety Provider, shall be from counsel reasonably acceptable to the Surety Provider and shall be in form and substance reasonably acceptable to the Surety Provider.

  • The Trustee shall provide to the Surety Provider and each Rating Agency a copy of each notice, opinion of counsel, certificate or other item delivered to, or required to be provided by, the Trustee pursuant to this Supplement or any other Related Document.

  • The Surety Provider is an express third party beneficiary of (i) the Base Indenture to the extent of provisions relating to any Enhancement Provider and (ii) this Supplement.

  • Each of AFC-II and the Trustee agree to such subrogation and, further, agree to take such actions as the Surety Provider may reasonably request in writing to evidence such subrogation.

  • Where a Surety Provider provides surety pursuant to paragraph3.1.3(b) or paragraph 3.1.3(d) for more than one User, the aggregate surety provided by the Surety Provider shall not exceed the maximum credit entitlement of the Surety Provider calculated in accordance with the table set out in paragraph 3.1.3(a).

More Definitions of Surety Provider

Surety Provider means a Bolster-approved surety bond provider.