point of entry definition

point of entry. /"Point of Exit" means a location designated for the in-country arrival of inspection teams for inspections pursuant to this Convention or for their departure after completion of their mission.
point of entry means any sea port, airport, or land-border check-post or rail station, river port, foreign post office, courier terminal, container freight station or inland container depot notified as specified in Schedule-I or Schedule-II or Schedule-III as the case may be;
point of entry means the point at which the borehole of a horizontal well first intersects the top of the common source of supply [52 O.S. § 87.6(B)(12)].

Examples of point of entry in a sentence

  • The place of import for Goods shall be the State of the First Point of Entry.

  • Tax due on imported Goods shall be paid at the First Point of Entry and deposited in a special tax account, and transferred to the final Destination State according to the Customs Duties Automated Direct Transfer Mechanism in force within the framework of the GCC Customs Union; the Ministerial Committee may propose any other mechanisms.

  • Minimum Point of Entry: minimum distance entering customer premises where ILEC/CLEC will terminate their equipment.

  • The Contractor will be responsible to make sure that the LNG is checked for the required quality levels before it arrives at the Point of Entry of the Regasification Plant, to make sure that the LNG complies with the standards of quality required by current regulations.

  • On-Ramping Invitations will be publicized in the Contract Opportunities section of the Government Wide Point of Entry (currently xxxxx://xxx.xxx/content/opportunities).

More Definitions of point of entry

point of entry means a passage for international entry or exit of travellers, baggage, cargo, containers, conveyances, goods and postal parcels as well as agencies and areas providing services to them on entry or exit;
point of entry. : means the point of release for free circulation.
point of entry. ’ means an airport, seaport or land border point officially designated or prescribed for the importation of consignments, or entrance of passengers;
point of entry means the point of connection to the potable water system.
point of entry means the point at which the borehole of a
point of entry means the first cus- toms point, or any otherwise des- ignated point in a recipient country which receives imported commodities via an ocean port not located in the re- cipient country.
point of entry shall have the meaning assigned thereto in Section 5(a).