Point of compliance definition

Point of compliance means the location(s) at the source(s) of contamination or at the location(s) between the source(s) and the point(s) of exposure where concentrations of chemicals of concern must meet applicable risk-based screening levels at Tier 1 or other target level(s) at Tier 2 or Tier 3.
Point of compliance means the point or points where cleanup levels established in accordance with WAC 173-340-720 through 173-340-760 shallmust be attained. This term includes both standard and conditional points of compliance. A conditional point of compliance for particular environmental media is only available as provided in WAC 173-340-720 through 173-340-760.
Point of compliance means the point where a reclamation facility operator delivers reclaimed water to the next actor in the chain;

Examples of Point of compliance in a sentence

  • The Company’s standards require that the voltage flicker occurring at the Point of Compliance shall remain below the Border Line of Visibility curve on the Flicker Limits Curve contained herein.

  • All measurements shall be determined at the Point of Compliance and compliance with these criteria shall be determined solely by the Company.

  • The Authority shall make good faith effort to maintain pressure at its Point of Compliance between seventy (70) psi and eighty (80) psi.

  • Submittal of Actual and Constructive Notice required in subsection 62‑780.220(3), F.A.C. See text of rule for “Subsequent Notice of Contamination Beyond Source Property Boundaries for Establishment of a Temporary Point of Compliance (TPOC)” in subsection 62-780.220(3), F.A.C. No comment required.

  • As a part of these discussions several Generic Technical Issue meetings were held involving DOE-HQ, DOE- SR, WSRC, DHEC and groups from the DOE complex on several technical issues related to Section 3116 Waste Determination development, including Point of Compliance, Removal of Highly Radioactive Radionuclides / Key Radionuclides to the Maximum Extent Practical, Sensitivity and Uncertainty Analyses and Model Support, and Concentration Averaging.

More Definitions of Point of compliance

Point of compliance means the geographic location at which the concentration of the chemical of concern is to be at or below the risk-based corrective action standard determined to be protective of public health and the environment.
Point of compliance means a select location where the concentration of a chemical released must be at or below back-calculated levels. The back-calculated levels are such that estimated concentrations at the Point of Exposure are below health-based levels.
Point of compliance means a location selected within the affected area where the concentration of contaminants of concern must be at or below the target levels established for that point.
Point of compliance means a point established in the ground water by the jurisdictional health department as near a possible source of release as technically, hydrogeologically and geographically feasible.
Point of compliance means the property boundaries of the property on which the UST facility is located.
Point of compliance means the site specific location in the uppermost aquifer where the groundwater protection standard must be met.
Point of compliance means point of compliance as defined in A.R.S. § 49-244.