Definition of PNG Pipeline

PNG Pipeline means (i) the existing 8" natural gas pipeline or (ii) the 24" natural gas pipeline to be constructed and, in each case terminating at the Paulsboro Refinery.
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Examples of PNG Pipeline in a sentence

In addition to the Annual Fee, Operator shall pay to the Company a monthly fee of $21,406.92 commencing following the Commencement Date and continuing until the date on which the 24" PNG Pipeline is placed into service.
L&U shall be determined based on actual L&U for the preceding year and an adjustment to true-up under- or over-recoveries over the course of the following year.In the event PNGPC increases the certificated capacity of the PNG Pipeline, PNGPC agrees that the transportation rate payable by PRC under the FT Agreement shall be proportionately reduced to reflect the new capacity.
For a period commencing on July 1, 2017, or such later date on which service actually commences on the PNG Pipeline, and ending five (5) calendar years later, to the extent that the certificated capacity of the PNG Pipeline is increased and subject to availability, Shipper shall have the right to elect on three (3) occasions to increase its MVC up to the remaining unsubscribed certificated capacity of the PNG Pipeline.
Shipper shall also hold a one-time contractual right of first refusal ("ROFR"), effective at the end of the Initial Term, to be applicable to any portion of the quantity, exercisable upon sixty (60) days' notice or such lesser notice provisions included in the tariff then applicable to the PNG Pipeline.
PNGPC shall proceed with reasonable due diligence to obtain all required governmental authorizations from governmental authorities having competent jurisdiction and required to construct and operate the PNG Pipeline necessary to render the firm transportation service contemplated herein and specified in Exhibit A including but not limited to any required authorizations of FERC (the "PNGPC Authorizations").