Definition of New Pipeline

New Pipeline means the proposed new interstate natural gas pipeline that will run from a point of interconnection with REX in Scott County, Illinois to a point of interconnection with Line 880 in St. Louis County, Missouri.
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Examples of New Pipeline in a sentence

New pipeline shall be laid to such grade as to clear all existing facilities which are to remain in service for any period subsequent to the construction of the run of pipe involved.
New pipeline construction projects, however, usually require large quantities of custom specialty steel pipe and are typically obtained directly from the manufacturer due to long lead times and large order quantities.
New pipeline risers and major modifications of, or repairs to, existing risers connected to floating platforms are subject to the Pipeline Riser Verification Program.
New pipeline ROWs are not allowed to cross designated wilderness areas.
You must comply with the marking requirements indicated in the following table: Type of pipeline When you must mark the pipeline segment number (a) New pipeline Before you operate a pipeline you construct after [INSERT THE EFFECTIVE DATE OF THE REGULATION], you must durably mark the MMS-assigned pipeline segment number on the pipeline at each platform.