Platform Operator definition

Platform Operator means an Entity that contracts with Sellers to make available all or part of a Platform to such Sellers.
Platform Operator means a person or organization that is responsible for operating a marketplace that enables consumers to purchase, sell, and resell tickets.
Platform Operator means the Company.

Examples of Platform Operator in a sentence

  • Once the Platform Operator has processed any payment required from You, Your license to any corresponding Purchased Virtual Items or Purchased Game Currency will be activated or made accessible in or through the copy of the Game on Your Hardware, automatically, or by following and completing any necessary instructions provided to You at the time of Your purchase.

  • In the event Your payment has been processed, but the License to the corresponding Purchased Virtual Items or Purchased Game Currency has not been activated or made accessible as described above, please contact the Platform Operator’s customer support line, which may be found in Your agreement(s) with, or on the official website of such Platform Operator.

  • The Game’s Online Features may also include or enable You to access an online marketplace, administered by the Game’s Platform Operator (the “Online Store”), through which You may be permitted to create an account, maintain an account balance, and/or purchase a limited License to certain Virtual Items (collectively, “Purchased Virtual Items”) and/or Game Currency (collectively, “Purchased Game Currency”).

  • Without limiting any of its other rights and remedies under this XXXX or applicable law, if BNEA objects to any User-Generated Content for any reason, BNEA, in its sole discretion may (either itself or, if applicable, by request to the Platform Operator): (a) remove the User-Generated Content; (b) give warnings to applicable persons; and/or (c) restrict, suspend, or terminate access to and use of the Game’s Online Features without prior notice.

  • Upon any such notice of resignation, the Issuer and the Platform Operator shall jointly issue to Agent a Joint Written Instruction, which shall be electronically submitted through the Platform, authorizing redelivery of the Escrow Funds to a depository that has been retained as successor escrow agent to Agent hereunder prior to the effective date of such resignation.

More Definitions of Platform Operator

Platform Operator means an Entity that contracts with Sellers to make available all or
Platform Operator means Kalki, Inc, a Delaware corporation, doing business as Zebec Protocol. “Prohibited Person” means, as determined by the Company in its sole and absolute discretion:
Platform Operator means such platform operator as the Company may notify the Client from time to time;
Platform Operator means an enterprise which transforms multiple media services into one or multiple signals and provides the transmission of them, through satellite, cable and similar networks either in an encoded and/or unencoded mode in a way accessible directly by the viewers.
Platform Operator means the Servicer in its specific capacity of service provider in relation to the Platform.
Platform Operator means a trader who operates an online intermediary platform;
Platform Operator means FreshCut Interactive Inc., a Delaware corporation.