Physical connection definition

Physical connection means the number of trunk lines or complete circuits and connections, including connections by wire, optics, radio signal or other means, required to furnish reasonably adequate telecommunications service between telecommunica- tions providers.
Physical connection means when the water and/or sewer facility which serves one unit or several units is capable of being used, and has been approved by the HMUA.
Physical connection means a connection between a public community water system and any unap- proved water supply.

Examples of Physical connection in a sentence

  • Physical connection of LonWorks devices shall be via Ethernet IP or FTT-10A.

  • Physical connection of BACnet devices shall be via Ethernet IP or MS/TP.

More Definitions of Physical connection

Physical connection. The technical details are set in the respective technical specifications that are amended hereto as well as in the activation data sheet that is to be filled out by the beneficiary. The connection is to be established within five working days after acceptance of this order by mdex. The physical connection of the beneficiary will be established by means of the following protocol: SMS EMI/UCP SMPP SMTP (E-Mail to SMS) HTTP Maver (E-Mail to SMS – mass shipping) Please xxxx applicable protocol!
Physical connection. , as used in this section, shall mean such number
Physical connection means any connection, cross connection, by-pass, valve, pipeline, or any like device which permits or may permit any flow of wastes from any source into the water system operated by this Utility.
Physical connection for the purposes herein means an enclosed

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  • Electrical contractor means an electrical contractor as defined in the Regulations;

  • Substation means the apparatus that connects the electrical collection system of the WECS(s) and increases the voltage for connection with the utility's transmission lines.