Permitted area definition

Permitted area means an area that is between 2 signs for the time being, erected or established by the Authority and inscribed with words indicating that the beaching or beach‑anchoring of vessels is permitted and each having an arrow pointing generally towards the other sign.
Permitted area means the portion of a domestic residence
Permitted area means an area with discrete boundaries inside of which one or more artificial reefs may be located and for which all required permits and authorizations have been obtained. These permits and authorizations include: artificial reef permits issued by the Florida Department of Environmental Protection and/or the Army Corps of Engineers and other permits, licenses, or authorizations required by any governing body.

Examples of Permitted area in a sentence

  • Permitted area, temporary closure of (1) The Minister may, by notice published in the Government Gazette and in a newspaper circulating particularly in the locality of the land affected, close the whole or a specified part of a permitted area for the period and purposes therein specified and during the period so specified the land to which the notice relates shall be deemed not to be a permitted area.

  • Permitted area of travel for Discoverer 4 & 6 range• All campers are allowed to travel on any properly tarred surface.

  • Permitted area for Advertisement as per typology of buses is detailed in Schedule 2.

  • The District will maintain an inventory of Active NPDES Construction-Permitted sites within the Permitted area via information acquired from the State’s SMARTS system.

  • Permitted area for wall signs shall be calculated in accordance with Table 142-12L.

More Definitions of Permitted area

Permitted area means the area or areas, specified in a permit, in which the permit holder may perform; and
Permitted area means an area declared as such by the Minister pursuant to section 12 or to section 13 and specified in a notice published pursuant to section 12;
Permitted area means a specific area of the Municipality as described in “Schedule A” of this Bylaw, and as designated in Municipality’s Zoning By-law where Short Term Rental Units are considered a permitted use;
Permitted area means affected land and all other land used for or designated as buffers or reserves, or used for other purposes, as delineated in a mining permit or an application for a mining permit.
Permitted area means the disturbed land area and areas used for access roads and other activity in the area approved for mining within the boundary shown on the application map.
Permitted area means that portion of a domestic residence, which houses a home kitchen where the preparation, packaging, storage or handling of cottage food products occurs.
Permitted area means the portion of a domestic resi- dence housing a home kitchen where the preparation, packag- ing, storage, or handling of cottage food products occurs.