Performance definition

Performance includes performance by means of a disc player, tape machine, other devices for playing musical works, and includes performance by means of a radio and/or television set or diffusion loudspeakers, Whether or not the apparatus is owned by the employer or employee(s).
Performance means any motion picture, preview, trailer, play, show, skit, dance, or other exhibition performed before an audience.
Performance means the ability of a device to achieve its intended purpose as stated by the manufacturer;

Examples of Performance in a sentence

  • Performance standards, and where appropriate, quality assurance standards.

  • As prescribed in 1804.404-70, insert the following clause: Security Classification Requirements (SEP 1989) Performance under this contract will involve access to and/or generation of classified information, work in a security area, or both, up to the level of [insert the applicable security clearance level].

  • The BCE Performance and Development policy and Planning and Performance Framework guide individual performance and development which is undertaken at all levels throughout the organisation.

  • Necessary provisions regarding deductions of Security Deposit from the progressive bills of the Contractor as per relevant clauses of the contract will in no way be affected/ altered by this Additional Performance Security.

  • Work to be performed will be in accordance with the Basic Contract (FA8818-20-D-00XX) Performance Work Statement (Attachment 1) SECTION B - SUPPLIES OR SERVICES AND COSTS i.

More Definitions of Performance

Performance means a performance given by employee/s in person before an audience.
Performance means the product of acceleration and vehicle speed as quantity of the achieved vehicle performance.