Goal definition

Goal means the intended or projected result of a comprehensive corrections plan or community corrections program to reduce prison commitment rates, to reduce the length of stay in a jail, or to improve the utilization of a jail.
Goal means the long-term end toward which programs or activities are ultimately directed.
Goal means a target which, when achieved, indicates progress in a preferred direction. A goal is neither a requirement nor a quota.

Examples of Goal in a sentence

  • A contractor may appeal a determination of non-good faith made by the Goal Compliance Committee.

  • At the rate of $5.00 per hour on federal aid projects when TrANS graduates are initially hired, or seasonally rehired, as unskilled laborers or the equivalent.Eligibility and Duration: To the employing contractor, for up to 2000 hours from the point of initial hire as a TrANS program placement.Contract Goal: To maintain the intent of the Equal Employment Opportunity program, it is a goal that (number) TrANS Graduate(s) be utilized on this contract.

  • An LEA develops a Focus Goal to address areas of need that may require or benefit from a more specific and data intensive approach.

  • A Focus Goal statement will be time bound and make clear how the goal is to be measured.

  • This process is necessary in identifying “ready, willing, and able” contractors upon which to base the NDDOT Triennial DBE Goal.

More Definitions of Goal

Goal means a level of air quality which is expected to be obtained.
Goal means a percentage of the value of the contract, which is not set aside or quota, that represents a target toward which the Contractor must aim in expending good faith efforts to ensure the participation of minority group members and women on the contract.
Goal means a numerically expressed objective that awarding departments and contractors are required to make efforts to achieve.
Goal means broad measurable statement of intent to set a future direction; what an Applicant wants to accomplish. The goal communicates the direction of (more, less, maintain) the result statement. Goals indicate what First Things First will do as part of the comprehensive early childhood system. Each Goal is a piece of a larger picture and is inextricably interrelated and linked with the other Goals.
Goal means, collectively, the Issuer, Goal Capital Funding, LLC and Goal Financial, LLC, a California limited liability company.
Goal means a formal condition of the Agreement (to use DBEs) that must be addressed by the Contractor, but that exceptions may be granted if appropriate documentation of good faith effort is provided.
Goal means the statutorily determined percentage of contracts awarded by each State contracting agency to eligible small businesses in order to comply with the small business provisions of the Set-Aside Act.