Penalty Fee definition

Penalty Fee means a fee for failure to pay established or assessed fees in a timely manner.
Penalty Fee means the penalty fee referred to in section 24C;
Penalty Fee means the fee plus GST as set out as the Penalty Fee in the Berth Rental Agreement.

Examples of Penalty Fee in a sentence

  • If, following any Payment Event, the Lending Company delays any payments due to the Issuer under any of the Transaction Documents by more than 10 days, the Lending Company will pay to the Issuer the Pending Payments Penalty Fee.

  • Penalty Fee i) $50, charged after a second or subsequent "failed” inspection on the same item and/or inspection.

  • Sus- tainability management and the operative units cooperate closely with each other.

  • During this Grace Period, the Downgrade Penalty Fee shall be waived.

  • If the Learner does not submit the work on time a Penalty Fee per Unit Standard or Module will be enforced.

More Definitions of Penalty Fee

Penalty Fee means a fee payable under regulation 54; “periodic fee” means the fee payable under—
Penalty Fee means a fee assessed for failure to pay for parking, or properly display proof of payment, at a pay and park facility. This term also applies to a fee assessed for unauthorized or over-time parking at a non-pay private parking facility.
Penalty Fee has the meaning set forth in Section 7.5(d).
Penalty Fee means a fee payable under regulation 52;
Penalty Fee means a fee payable under regulation 49;
Penalty Fee means the additional charges payable by the Customer that may occur when violation the B&B rules