Participating Creditor definition

Participating Creditor means a creditor of any of the Debtors that (i) is a Party to this Settlement and Support Agreement; or (ii) delivers a Creditor Joinder or a Transferee Joinder.
Participating Creditor shall have the meaning set forth in the Financing Agreement.”
Participating Creditor has the meaning as defined in the Other Terms.”

Examples of Participating Creditor in a sentence

  • Under the terms of the DCA, each amount (in whole and not in part) owing by the Group to a Participating Creditor shall be converted into Conversion Shares at the Conversion Price.

  • The debts owing by the Company to each Participating Creditors will be applied to set off against the aggregate Conversion Price for the Conversion Shares payable by that Participating Creditor.

  • Consequently, the Government of the Republic of Ruritania commits to accord all categories of creditors – and in particular creditor countries not participating in the present Agreed Minute, commercial banks and suppliers – a treatment not more favourable than that accorded to the Participating Creditor Countries’.

  • It further provides that “all Claims by Participating Creditors are released in full and extinguished and this deed may be pleaded and tendered against any Participating Creditor in bar of its Claim.” Id. at 16.Flors does not contest that he had notice of the Australian proceedings; indeed, he extensively participated in those proceedings through counsel.

  • For the avoidance of doubt, if a Qualified Marketmaker purchases a claim against a Debtor from a Participating Creditor for its own account or otherwise has a beneficial ownership interest in a claim being acquired from a Participating Creditor, it shall be required to execute and deliver a Transferee Joinder to the Debtors.

More Definitions of Participating Creditor

Participating Creditor means an Existing Senior Creditor that participates in the Total Senior Creditor Risk Participation Amount as a risk participant, whether pursuant to the Conditional Risk Participation Agreement, the Backstop Participation Agreement, the Scheme, or the DB Election Arrangements. Risk Participation Agreement Each Participating Creditor shall take up its Pro Rata Risk Participation Entitlement by:
Participating Creditor. Refinancing Creditor”, any “Party” or the “Security Agent” or any other person shall be construed so as to include its successors in title, permitted assigns and permitted transferees and, in the case of the Security Agent, any person for the time being appointed as Security Agent or Security Agents in accordance with this Agreement;
Participating Creditor means an Initial Participating Noteholder or an Additional Participating Creditor, but excludes any Initial Participating Noteholder or Additional Participating Creditor that has exercised its right to terminate this Agreement in accordance with its terms.
Participating Creditor means a Creditor who shall have elected to take benefits under the Plan and who shall have executed and delivered to the Applicant the Receipt, Release and Assignment recquired pursuant to Section 8.2 of this Plan;
Participating Creditor means an Eligible Creditor who has made a LACA III Offer to LBNL and who has received a LACA III Acceptance Notice in relation to such LACA III Offer;
Participating Creditor means a Creditor other than:
Participating Creditor means each person who on the DOCA Termination Date, and immediately prior to the termination of the DOCA pursuant to clause 15.1(1) of the DOCA, was a Participating Creditor under the DOCA, other than a Priority Creditor under the DOCA;