Participating Bank definition

Participating Bank means any participating banks of the JETCO ATM network, (if applicable) PLUS ATM network and/or (if applicable) China UnionPay ATM network;
Participating Bank means any bank or financial institution that participates in making available PayNow to its customers.
Participating Bank means an agri- cultural bank (as defined in 12 U.S.C. 1823(j)(4)(A)) that, as of January 1, 1992, had a proposal for a capital restoration plan accepted by an accepting official and received permission from the ac- cepting official, subject to paragraphs(d) and (e) of this section, to amortize losses in accordance with paragraphs(b) and (c) of this section.

Examples of Participating Bank in a sentence

  • Appointment of provisionally allotted candidates is subject to his/her being declared medically fit, as per any other requirements of the Participating Bank and subject to service and conduct rules of the Participating Bank.

  • Further, a candidate who is provisionally allotted will forfeit his/her candidature/ chance for the process if he/she does not avail the offer of appointment from the Participating Bank.

  • Similarly, neither the Participating Banks nor IBPS is bound to notify every vacancy that may arise in any Participating Bank during pendency of reserve list.

  • Failure to provide the same shall debar the candidate from further process.In the event of two or more candidates having obtained the same score, merit order is decided as per date of birth (the candidate senior in age is placed before/ above the candidate junior in age), as per the prevailing practice.The provisional allotment is subject to the candidate fulfilling the criteria for Participating Bank and identity verification to the satisfaction of the allotted bank.

  • Any Electronic Application through an ATM of a Participating Bank by an Applicant must be made in his own name and without qualification.

More Definitions of Participating Bank

Participating Bank is defined in Section 1.2(d) hereof.
Participating Bank means, from time to time, with respect to any Several Letter of Credit, a Lender that is unable to issue such Letter of Credit because (a) it is unable due to regulatory restrictions or other legal impediments based on its relationship to the beneficiary, (b) it is not, or has lost its status as, an NAIC Approved Bank (if such Letter of Credit must be issued by NAIC Approved Banks), or (c) it does not engage in transactions in the requested Alternative Currency.
Participating Bank means any bank other than the Bank participating in the Interswitch or Visa Payment System.
Participating Bank means a private commercial bank registered according to the applicable laws and regulations of the Guarantor and selected by the Borrower pursuant to criteria set forth in paragraph 1 of Section I.B of Schedule 2 to this Agreement.
Participating Bank has the meaning specified in Section 2.03(a)(v).
Participating Bank means an entity which is for the time being entitled to participate in the eGIRO Scheme as an applicant bank and/or a billing organisation bank. A current list of such entities is available at:
Participating Bank any Bank (other than the Issuing Bank with respect to such Letter of Credit) with respect to its L/C Participating Interest in each Letter of Credit.