Participating Investor definition

Participating Investor means, with respect to any Registration, any Investor that is a Holder of Registrable Securities covered by the applicable Registration Statement.

Examples of Participating Investor in a sentence

  • In connection with such purchase by the selling Key Holder, such Participating Investor or Investors shall deliver to the selling Key Holder any stock certificate or certificates, properly endorsed for transfer, representing the Capital Stock being purchased by the selling Key Holder (or request that the Company effect such transfer in the name of the selling Key Holder).

  • Each Investor that desires to exercise its Right of Co-Sale (each, a “Participating Investor”) shall give the selling Key Holder written notice to that effect within fifteen (15) days after the deadline for delivery of the Secondary Notice described above, and upon giving such notice such Participating Investor shall be deemed to have effectively exercised the Right of Co-Sale.

  • Written requests for redemption by bank check shall be signed by the Participating Investor or one of the other Registered Investment Owners of the Program Investment.

  • The amount of any Incremental Rate as applicable to the Program Investment Balance of any Participating Investor shall be determined by the Company in its sole discretion and may be determined on the basis of the daily balance of such Program Investment or any such other basis as shall be determined by the Company and may be changed in whole or in part at any time at the Company's discretion.

  • The Company may without reference to or any action by any Participating Investor or other Registered Investment Owner, enter into such agreement or further agreements and take such other steps and execute such other instruments as the Company in its sole discretion may deem necessary or desirable to carry the Program into effect or to facilitate its administration.

More Definitions of Participating Investor

Participating Investor or “Participating Investors” means any Investor(s) participating in the request for a Demand Registration, Shelf Offering, Piggyback Registration or Underwritten Block Trade.
Participating Investor shall have the meaning set forth in Section 3.3.3.
Participating Investor shall have the meaning assigned in Section 4.5(a)(2) hereof.
Participating Investor means any holder of Series B Preferred Stock that purchases at least its Pro Rata Share of a Dilutive Issuance.
Participating Investor means any insurer licensed in this state with a tax liability under W.S. 26‑4‑103;
Participating Investor means any holder of Preferred Stock that purchases at least its Preferred Stock Pro Rata Share of either a Series A Dilutive Issuance or Series B Dilutive Issuance.
Participating Investor means an insurance company or other person that has state license tax