Owners Association definition

Owners Association means any association or organization created pursuant to the OwnersAssociation Documents.
Owners Association means a homeowners association or property owners association that provides services to, and collects assessments, fees, dues, or charges from, property within the CFD.
Owners Association means one or more private association(s) or non-profit entity(ies) formed for the purpose of owning or controlling common areas and/or limited common areas, formed to administer adopted covenants, conditions and restrictions (CCRs), and/or formed for purposes of any master-, land-, sub- or other form of condominium ownership.

Examples of Owners Association in a sentence

  • All common elements shall be labeled and are to be maintained by the Home Owners Association.

  • This is often a shared system provided by the condominium Home Owners Association, such systems do not require a password.

  • We supply the number of parking hangtags or other credentials permitted by property manager or Home Owners Association rules at each complex.

  • BUILDING MAINTENANCE Repairs and maintenance to buildings are conducted by the Home Owners Association and their property manager.

  • All existing landscape material shall also be the perpetual maintenance obligation of the petitioner and its successors, heirs or assignees or duly established Property Owner's Association and/or Homeowners's Association.

More Definitions of Owners Association

Owners Association means any profit or nonprofit corporation, unincorporated association, or other organiza- tion or legal entity, a membership or other interest in which is appurtenant to or based upon owing an interest in a develop- ment.
Owners Association means an organization that is comprised of owners of lots in a planned community and that is responsible for the administrative governance, maintenance, and upkeep of the planned community.
Owners Association means a private nonprofit entity which represents, and whose membership includes the assessed property owners or property owners’ representatives in a district. An owners’ association may be an existing nonprofit entity or a newly formed nonprofit entity. Consistent with California Streets and Highways Code §36614.5, the owners’ association is a private entity and may not be considered a public entity for any purpose, nor may its board members or staff be considered to be public officials for any purpose. An owners’ association shall comply with the Ralph M. Brown Act, California Government Code §54950 et. seq., at all times when matters within the subject matter of the district are heard, discussed, or deliberated, and with the California Public Records Act, California Government Code §6250 et. seq., for all documents relating to improvements and activities of the district. Board members, officers, and members of the owners’ association are intended and understood to represent and further the interest of the property owners located within the district. Each property owner or property owner’s representative paying the assessment has the right to vote in annual elections of the owners' association and the right to seek nomination or election to the board of directors of the owners' association.
Owners Association means an owners’ association contemplated in section 29; “pre-application consultation” means a consultation contemplated in section 37;
Owners Association means a legal entity formed by Developer pursuant to South Carolina statutes which is responsible for the enforcement of neighborhood restrictions and covenants, and for the maintenance and upkeep of any common areas and/or community infrastructure developed under this Agreement, but not accepted by the City for perpetual ownership and maintenance, to include but not be limited to: private drives and alleyways, common areas, neighborhood parks and recreational facilities, and storm water management systems.
Owners Association means an association formed/to be formed by the owners of the units/Apartments in the Said Project as per Clause (e) of Sub- Section (4) of Section 11 of the Act.
Owners Association means an entity or entities formed pursuant to applicable law and/or restrictive land use covenants, which may be responsible for the construction and/or maintenance and/or upgrading of some or all of the infrastructure contemplated in this Development Agreement and the Unified Development Plan, to include, but not be limited to, some or all of the roads, common areas, water, sewer and stormwater management systems proposed to be constructed on or for the benefit of the Property.