the Association definition

the Association means the Association referred to in rule 1;
the Association means The Football Association Limited.
the Association means The Association of Professional Engineers, Scientists and Managers, Australia.

Examples of the Association in a sentence

  • The Association agrees there shall be no strikes and the Hospital agrees there shall be no lockouts so long as this Agreement continues to operate.

  • This publication is distributed under The Association of Universities in the Netherlands (VSNU) ‘Article 25fa implementation’ pilot project.

  • The Association agrees to endeavour to obtain the full cooperation of its membership in the observation of all safety rules and practices.

  • The Association will advise the Hospitals concerned, as far in advance as possible, of the dates for which leave is being requested.

  • The Association agrees there will be no Association activity, solicitation for membership, or collection of Association dues on Hospital premises or during working hours except with the written permission of the Hospital or as specifically provided for in this Agreement.

More Definitions of the Association

the Association or “the FAI" shall mean the Football Association of Ireland. “The Board” means the Board of Management of the FAI.
the Association means the body deemed to be incorporated under the Associations Incorporation Act 1987 as the Australian Flying Corps and Royal Australian Air Force Association (Western Australia Division);
the Association means The Coves Governing Body NPC (Reg. Number: 2003/010909/08).
the Association means the Home Owners’ Association to be established for the development as contemplated in this agreement;
the Association means the body corporate under the name of The Civil Service Association of Western Australia;
the Association means the above named Association.
the Association means the International Development Association;