Advent definition

Advent means Advent International Corporation, a Delaware corporation.

Examples of Advent in a sentence

  • AP GPE VIII GP is the General Partner of the Advent Partners GPE VIII Funds.

  • Today, some of the most active venture capital firms investing in the European creative industries are Accel, Advent Venture Partners, Index Ventures, Experienced Capital, to name a few.

  • LLC is the General Partner of GPE VII GP S.a.r.l. (“GPE VII GP S.a.r.l.”), GPE VII GP Limited Partnership (“GPE VII GP”), and the Advent Partners GPE VII Funds.

  • The Company shall have no obligations to issue Shares pursuant to the exercise or settlement of an Award and Awards may not be exercised or settled, if the issuance of Shares upon exercise or settlement would constitute a violation of any Applicable Law as determined by the Company, including, applicable federal, state or foreign securities laws or other law or regulations or the requirements of any stock exchange or market system upon which the Shares may then be listed.

  • GPE IX GP Limited Partnership is the general partner of the Advent IX Cayman Funds, GPE IX GP S.à r.l. is the general partner of the Advent IX Luxembourg Funds, and AP GPE IX GP Limited Partnership is the general partner of the Advent IX Partners Funds.

More Definitions of Advent

Advent means Advent International Corp.
Advent means Advent International Corporation and shall include any fund affiliated with Advent International Corporation.
Advent means Advent International Corporation, a Delaware corporation, and any Affiliate of Advent International Corporation.
Advent a Singapore corporation controlled by Hutchison Telecommunications International Limited, by the Company in accordance with the agreement dated August 12, 2009 (hereinafter: "THE PARTNER SHARE ACQUISITION TRANSACTION") shall not be closed by March 31, 2010 (hereinafter: "THE DEADLINE"), it shall call for a forced early redemption of all of the Bonds, and the provisions as specified hereunder shall apply. The Partner Share Acquisition Transaction was reported by the Company in the Company's Immediate Reports of August 12, 2009 (reference no.: 2009-01-194286), of August 13, 2009 (reference no.: 2009-01-195681), of August 23, 2009 (reference no.: 2009-01-204756). In this regard - "CLOSING OF THE PARTNER SHARE ACQUISITION TRANSACTION" - means a transfer of shares representing at least 36% of Partner's issued and paid-up share capital to the Company's ownership. The entire immediate net proceeds (i.e., net of commissions) that the Company shall receive in respect of the issue of the Series A Bonds shall be deposited in an escrow account that shall be opened in one of the five major banks in Israel, and shall not be transferred to the Company for its use until the conditions have been fulfilled for the Closing of the Partner Share Acquisition Transaction, as stated, in accordance with the following mechanism:
Advent has the meaning set forth in the Preamble.