OC definition

OC means degrees Celsius.

Examples of OC in a sentence

  • If required, the permittee shall demonstrate compliance with the hourly allowable OC emission limitation above in accordance with 40 CFR, Part 60 Appendix A, Methods 1-4 and 18, 25 or 25 A.

  • GenotypeaAdjusted for BMI (<25, 25-30 and ≥30 kg/m2); years of OC use (never or <1, 1-5, 5-10 and ≥10); years of HRT use (never or <1, 1-5 and ≥5); smoking (non-smokers, 1-10 cigarettes per day and ≥10 cigarettes per day).

  • The company may calculate OC emissions from cleanup operations in accordance with the following formula if waste cleanup materials are sent off-site for reclamation/disposal: OC emissions from cleanup operations = (total gallons of cleanup material used x solvent density of cleanup material) - (total gallons cleanup material sent off-site for disposal or reclamation [minus solids content of said material] x solvent density).

  • Best Available Technology (BAT) requirements under OAC rule 3745-31- 05(A)(3)(a), as effective December 1, 2006, do not apply to the OC emissions from this air contaminant source since the controlled potential to emit (PTE) is less than 10 tons per year taking into consideration federally enforceable requirements established under OAC rule 3745-31-05(D).

  • A road permit to this effect will be issued by the OC, Contract to facilitate transportation of stores.

More Definitions of OC

OC. Affiliate Contractor" fees shall be determined pursuant to Exhibit C attached hereto.
OC means the maximum distance measured from the centre of one member of sheathing, wale or strut to the centre of the adjacent member of sheathing, wale or strut;
OC means Birmingham Organising Committee for the 2022 Commonwealth Games Ltd, a company established under the Companies Acts (registered number 11120160).
OC means a certificate equivalent to, and having the same effect and content as, an Occupation Certificate. Where a Development Consent does not apply, the certificate is to satisfy the requirements of an Occupation Certificate that would be issued if the relevant statutory approvals, certificates and mitigation measures applying for the purposes of Part 5 of the EP&A Act were a Development Consent. The certificate must:
OC means the Republic of China.
OC means initial opening of the Plot for burial or ashes interment and closing of the Plot and site stewardship after completion of the burial or ashes interment.