Sproule definition

Sproule means Sproule Associates Limited;

Examples of Sproule in a sentence

  • The extent and character of all factual data supplied to Sproule were accepted by Sproule as represented.

  • Sproule ------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------- John R.

  • The crude oil, natural gas liquids and conventional natural gas reserves estimates presented in the Sproule Report are based on the definitions and guidelines contained in the COGE Handbook.

  • Additional Information Relating to Reserves Data Undeveloped Reserves Undeveloped reserves are attributed by Sproule in accordance with standards and procedures contained in the COGE Handbook.

  • Please contact Lindsay Sproule at the College of Veterinarians of Ontario directly if you have any questions, telephone 1-800-424-2856 Ext.

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Sproule means Sproule Associates Limited.